AlphaTrace Platform

AlphaTrace’s Mission & Vision

AlphaTrace is on the verge of an impactful journey, set to reshape traders' market approach by granting access to insights that were once exclusive to the elite and a select few.

We have a mission to democratize trading intelligence and make significant contributions to the unfolding on-chain landscape.

What is AlphaTrace and What problems are we solving?

AlphaTrace empowers traders through real-time insights into expert wallet strategies. By tracking and monitoring these wallets, users can discover new trading ideas, closely monitor gains, and seize the opportunity to adopt and replicate successful strategies.

This innovative tool holds a distinctive stance in introducing a novel on-chain use case to the cryptocurrency landscape. Our core aim is to enhance trading by providing unmatched access to insights from expert wallets.


  • Wallet Analysis:

    • Net Worth & ETH Balance: Users can view the net worth of the wallets we track, along with their Ethereum (ETH) balance.

    • Real-time Profits: Monitor the net realized and unrealized profits of any wallet in real-time.

    • Daily PnL Chart: A comprehensive chart that displays the daily profit and loss for each tracked wallet.

    • Token Report: Provides essential data including unrealized profit, realized profit, average cost, amount, total in USD, and transaction count.

    • Detailed Transaction Display: Every transaction for each token is displayed in detail, from the first to the most recent.

    • Wallet Highlights: Showcases tokens with the biggest wins and top trades, helping users identify the trading style of the tracked account.

  • Explore:

    • Whale & Top Traders Info: The Explore page allows users to fetch information about whale and top traders' wallets, giving them a competitive edge.

Is AlphaTrace free to use?

Although AlphaTrace does not currently operate under an open-source model, our commitment lies in ensuring that its core features remain accessible to all users without any charge. This approach guarantees that a wide audience can reap the advantages of our tool, ultimately democratizing access to invaluable trading intelligence, while providing our users a chance to save time and seize the perfect moment by investing in lucrative strategies and pools.

Roadmap and Future Plans

AlphaTrace is presently in its beta stage, with a wave of forthcoming updates, features, and improvements all geared towards elevating the trading experience for every user. After the full launch, we aim to:

  • Expand our Database: Increase the capacity to track more wallets.

  • User Interface Enhancement: Enhance the user interface for a more intuitive experience.

  • Continuous Updates & Compatibility: Ensure continuous updates and improvements to maintain compatibility and other evolving on chain technologies.

AlphaTrace team

The Alphatrace team shines through its diversity, encompassing experienced developers, creative UX/UI designers, and skilled marketers, all with backgrounds in Web2 startups. This unique blend underscores the team's focus on user-centric values.

Pioneers in the field, the team has developed one of the fastest and most precise blockchain indexing technologies in the industry.  The Alphatrace team is full of people who fully commit and believe in the real value and future of Web3 and DeFi.

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