August 4th, 2022


May 26th, 2022

What is the Metaverse and where are we in its evolution?

From Zoom chats, to the Minecraft world, to our Twitter feeds, the Metaverse is taking shape all around us. But there’s no finite beginning or end to this always-on digital space where people can congregate to socialize, work, learn, entertain, express themselves, and create. Instead, as put by Matthew Ball, the Metaverse is a “sort of successor state to the mobile internet” that will “slowly emerge over time as different products, services, and capabilities integrate and meld together.”

So, while the 12.3 million Fortnite players that tuned into Travis Scott’s virtual performance may have felt like they were experiencing the Metaverse, it’s clear that we’re decades away from the interconnected innovation needed to achieve an idealistic vision of this space. That which is defined by characteristics like “infinite persistency, ubiquitous synchrony, unlimited concurrency, [and] wide interoperability.”