June 16th, 2022

Ever since I started working at a major organization, I thought that the best benefit as an employee is the access to a network of talented people that potentially cover every possible domain of action. If you want to grow both as an individual and as a professional, you can simply start making connections, following your interest and curiosity, and I ensure you that you will find people willing to share with you their experiences opening up for you new paths of discovery.

I have been always talking about collaboration, but when looking deeper at it, I ask myself how to spark and foster it, without just waiting for it to happen.

Here is where the learning opportunities of a network and collaboration collide. Learning in other words, is the exchange of knowledge, and a requirement for collaboration to happen. Through learning experiences, our curiosity can lead us in building stronger ties with future collaborators.

What I truly advocate for, is not only to create learning opportunities for ourselves as individuals but to join efforts creating open structures and frameworks that can advance collective knowledge and progress.