How to get started in web3 ?

How to get started in web3 I didn't know what web3 was 7 months ago. Recently I completed the #100daysofweb3 challenge! Here you go, my web3 roadmap for anyone getting started:

1/4 Start by doing Start by learning and using the tools in the web3/crypto space Do anything related to crypto but DO it. Don't just listen to a podcast or read a blog post.

  • setup a crypto wallet eg:@MetaMask @phantom
  • Interact with dApps: exchange some tokens, get an ens name etc.

Checkout @rabbithole_gg , a dApp to onboard users to web3. It has some challenges for you to get started in the web3 world

2/4 Read, Research, Repeat There is so much to learn and too many myths! Make sure to spend some time and do your own research. Here are some resources to get you started:

- Look into the blockchains and protocols websites to get more information. Check out the white papers -

@useWeb3 by @wslyvh has a curated list of awesome resources -

@BanklessHQ and @rabbithole_gg

Podcasts - @gaby_goldberg 's web3 reading list

(for Devs) 3/4 Building Now that you have a basic understanding of the web3 space, it's time to start building. Here are communities and builders that have guided me; my journey would not have been possible w/o the people here:

Some tips:

  • Take it slow; there are many technologies to learn, and it's all brand new. It can get overwhelming very quickly

  • Focus on a specific area (eg: frontend)

  • Document your progress (can't overstate how many times I went back to my own content to remember)

  • Start shipping! Don't wait for perfect. Upload your projects to GitHub, start a blog, create videos anything you're interested in

  • Go beyond the tutorial and add some creativity Woman artist

  • Try out the #100daysofcode challenge (ps: i'd highly encourage to take breaks on the way)

4/4 Get involved

Join a DAO, be active on Twitter, reach out to people

  • Find and learn about DAO's on
  • Come and join
  • membership applications will be opening up soon

If you love what you're doing, there are many employment opportunities. Here is a great article by

on this topic

Checkout how you can contribute to DAO's. There are many ways to contribute from writing, developing, operations etc. Additionally you can follow the projects and people on Twitter, create a post/project and reach out! In the web3 world, Twitter is the new Linkedin

There you go, hope this helps! If you'd like to read more about my journey and recommendations, check out my 100days article

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