Web3 dApp Dev Camp launched on Gitcoin!
December 8th, 2021

Web3.0 Camp is now launched on Gitcoin~ Come and donate to support it!


What is a Web 3.0 dApp?

  • From a data perspective

web1 means that the user only gets data - we browse the static web pages as web1.

web2 means that the user can go beyond getting data to send data - we can read messages and send messages with Twitter. That is web2.

web3 means that on top of web2, we also have full ownership and use of the data. We all use Metamask. dApp only has permission to call Metamask, and then Metamask asks us if we allow to sign, and if we don't sign, the transaction will never be sent.

  • From an application perspective

Users are able to deploy the application themselves, or use any third-party provided application, without 1) security concerns, 2) the possibility of the application being blocked by a subject (e.g., a server gets shut down), and 3) private data that cannot be accessed. One point to note is that whether the application is purely a front-end application is not a necessary indicator of whether it is a Web3 dApp. An Android App, an IOS App, an App with front- and back-end architecture, as long as it meets the above three points, can be considered as a Web3 application.

Characteristics of Web3.0 dApp?

  • ** Return of identity sovereignty and data sovereignty**

For the first time, identity sovereignty and data sovereignty can be completely in the hands of users themselves. For example, in Web3.0 real-time chatting application, we can have full disposal of our own chat records.

  • Selected user groups

Unlike Web 2.0, which targets large numbers of users, a Web 3.0 application is able to target only small groups of users! For example: targeting a precise 2000-3000 people. This small group of users may have strong willingness to pay, e.g. each user is willing to pay $1000 per year to the Web3.0 application for the appropriate service.

  • Small Freelance Teams

Web 3.0 applications correspond to very small freelance teams! Very small means that with a good IDEA and a certain level of technical skills, a small team of 1-3 people is enough to build a Web3.0 DApp. In addition, freedom is in the DNA of Web3.0 organizations, and WFH is a common label for Web3.0 organizations. Therefore, a Web3.0 business or part-time job is very suitable for software engineers! Because it is a job that can cover in your spare time!

Web3.0 dApp Dev Camp

Web3.0 dApp Camp is an online project-oriented camp based on Github Discussion and offline workshops in New York/Beijing/Hangzhou/Nanjing, aiming to let "traditional software developers, college students, blockchain technology practitioners" quickly learn Web3.0 based on blockchains such as Ethereum and other chains.

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Web3.0 dApp Developer Growth Path Full
Web3.0 dApp Developer Growth Path Full


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