March 2023 Recap - First Beta Invitations

It's time to reflect on our progress across various departments as we near 2.0 and its Beta release. Here's a quick summary of what our team has been working on in March:

2.0 Beta

  • March was an intense month for us to stress test the new interface

  • This week (April 10-16), we will send out the first batch of closed beta invitations.

  • The beta will be accessible to more community members in the later stages

  • We modified the authentication system for beta participants (preparing something special for Beta testers 🤫)

  • The 3 stages of Beta release are now set and in motion 🎉


  • Contract-wise the core V2 is done, getting ready for the public audits round

  • Works on the governance, incentives, and revenues (UI and contracts)

  • Works on L2 Yield Market (integration WIP)

  • Secured first 2.0 launch partners

  • Works on products on top of core V2


  • 2.0 Documentation looks beautiful

  • [redacted] for beta testers and community

  • A fresh look has been in the works for months, and is coming very soon with a surprise


  • Gaspard introduced APWine live on top French TV station BFM

  • Gaspard gave a talk at Kryptosphere Blockchain Summit

  • Ulysse was interviewed by Grand Angle Crypto, a French Crypto YT channel, where he introduced APWine to the audience. Over 7000 views and counting.

  • Two community threads on the APWine ecosystem with more coming via Twitterthon initiative

  • AMA with the official Arbitrum team | 2500+ total audience & 128 NFT mints


  • ETHCC Speaker slots & tickets secured

  • First upcoming event in ETHZurich (14-16 April). Gaspard will give a presentation titled ‘Redefining DeFi's Risk Management with Interest Rate Derivatives

  • Gaspard will be a speaker and mentor at ETHDAM

  • 2 talks secured for DeFi Summit Prague


  • YieldFlipper - a fixed-income marketplace relayer for Principal Tokens has been introduced to the world. Now undergoing works on Beta launch.

As usual, don’t hesitate to ping our members on Discord if you have any questions or suggestions.


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