APWine is Coming to Arbitrum

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Dear Winemakers,

We are excited to share the outcome of the latest on-chain governance vote, in which the majority of voters chose Arbitrum as the next destination for the APWine Protocol.

First posted by a user CoolGuy on Jan 21, 2022, the APIP 2 sparked week-long discussions between community members weighing the pros and cons of various networks.

Six months later, on Jun 20, the APIP was put to on-chain voting during which all members with veAPW power could cast their votes.

The vote ended on Jun 27 with Arbitrum gaining 50.48% of all casted votes.


The result obligates the core APWine members to fulfil the APIP and deploy the protocol on the Arbitrum Network in a timely manner. Given the volatile nature of blockchains, no specific deployment date can be set.

However, the team remains optimistic and aims for mid-Q3 to officially deploy on the Arbitrum network.

Arbitrum in Numbers

With over 51% TVL market share, Arbitrum is currently the fastest-growing layer2. Transaction costs are significantly lower compared to Mainnet and are also near-instant.

DeFi users for whom gas prices on Mainnet are a real challenge will soon be able to get their feet wet with yield tokenization without stressing about high fees.

As the Arbitrum Ecosystem keeps exploding, plentiful interest-bearing tokens are also being deployed into the network. The new land of iBTs integrated into APWine can accelerate the protocol’s growth both in user as well as in TVL terms.

Our governance forum already sees Beefy’s iBTs being discussed.

With this deployment, APWine can position itself as the first yield tokenization protocol on Arbitrum offering unique possibilities for users, such as:

  • hedging from APY volatility
  • speculating on the evolution of interest rates
  • obtaining future yield in advance

About APWine

APWine is the pioneering protocol for tokenized yield in Web3. Users can leverage the protocol to fix interest rates, speculate on APR evolution or receive future yield in advance (even today).

Build the APWine City with us and connect with fellow Winemakers via:

 Lenster | Twitter | Discord | Website

About Arbitrum

Arbitrum’s architecture uses Optimistic Rollups to bundle all transactions done on the Arbitrum chain, and subsequently posts it on Ethereum. Arbitrum is an optimistic rollup which enables anyone to verify that transactions on Arbitrum are not fraudulent before they are posted on Ethereum through interactive proving. Interactive proving is a method that allows a dispute between two parties, the proposer and the challenger, to solve their dispute off-chain so that it’s more efficient & not as costly to post on Ethereum.

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