Arpeggi’s v2 Private Beta Launch
James Pastan
Arpeggi Labs
March 9th, 2022

Since the release of Arpeggi Genesis in October, we have set out on a mission to improve the way music is made using web3 and blockchain technology. Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll detail our vision of a permissionless music-making ecosystem where artists can tokenize their sounds and create with their fans. 

It’s important to us that Arpeggi is not only built for our community, but also by our community. To kick-off the Arpeggi v2 rollout, we’re excited to formally invite all Arpeggi Genesis Pass & Song holders and CC0 sample library submitters to test and give feedback on the new platform. As of today, eligible participants can go to our website and try out:

  • A new, more powerful in-browser studio reminiscent of industry-standard DAWs, including:
    • Native remixing of stems from Arpeggi Songs
    • Access to the Arpeggi CC0 sample library
    • Ability to save, edit, and delete drafts
    • Test minting of songs & stems as NFTs
  • A social ecosystem, allowing users to:
    • Create custom profiles that show their minted songs, stems, samples and more
    • Explore and favorite all songs, stems, and samples for use in the studio
    • See the genealogy of any sound - when, where, who and how its used. All on chain

If you are not a Genesis Pass holder, Genesis Song holder, or a CC0 sample submitter, we’d still love to include you in our beta! We’ll slowly open the beta to more and more participants prior to launch - visit our website to apply.

Arpeggi v2 is much more than Arpeggi Studio. We firmly believe that web3 will change the way we think about and create music, and we’re excited to reveal how Arpeggi will enable other web3 music projects to transform music creation with us. 

To stay up to date with Arpeggi v2, be sure to join our Discord and follow us on Twitter

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