Camoufly x Arpeggi Remix Competition

‘Wrong’ Remix Competition is now live!

Today, we're stoked to announce our first ever artist-backed remix competition hosted by Camoufly!  On June 28th, Camoufly used Arpeggi Studio to mint Wrong, his first track on the platform. For the next week, remix Camo's Wrong in Arpeggi Studio for a chance for major features and prizes (more details below). To enter, check out Camoufly’s Wrong, remix it, and share it in our Discord.

Remixing on Arpeggi

Arpeggi leverages web3 technology to ensure every sound created on Arpeggi is traceable and attributable to the sound’s original creator. With guaranteed attribution, sounds on Arpeggi remain CC0 while ensuring artists’ receive credit whenever their sound is used. This dynamic encourages artists to promote the reuse of their music rather than restrict it. To capitalize on this, Arpeggi has made it ridiculously easy to remix songs. With one click you can go from listening to a song to creating something new in the studio.

This competition helps demonstrate the power of permissionless and frictionless remixing on Arpeggi. And what better song and person than Camoufly -  who takes inspiration from every musical style imaginable and makes it his own - to light the first torch.

Competition Details

How it works:

  • Sign up for an account on Arpeggi if you haven’t already.
  • Open Wrong in Arpeggi studio
  • Make a remix of Wrong (songs must use at least one of Camoufly’s stems) and mint it!


Rules and requirements:

  • July 11th - July 18th 
  • July 19th, 4 PM EST 
  • Songs must use at least one of the stems from Camoufly’s Wrong
  • Entries must be submitted in Arpeggi Discord - multiple entries are allowed

About Camo: 

We’re honored to host this competition with Camoufly. To learn more about him, a brief bio can be found below. Also check out Camoufly on his Twitter, Instagram, or in his Discord.

Beneath a blanket of electronic music artists who craft their careers by often investing in a single set of sounds and styles lies a rather mysterious and peculiar character. A shape-shifter capable of jumping from one style to another with seemingly no effort, yet at the same time able to interpret each of these musical genres in his own unique way. No one really knows who hides behind his mask - not even his whereabouts seem to be certain. One thing is for sure, though. With a rare combination of creativity and innovation, Camoufly is carving his path at light speed within the electronic music scene.

By spanning a widespread range of musical genres, Camoufly seems to conceal the magic of a mythological King Midas in his art, boasting a particular style of arrangement, a refined sound register and a rare ability to mix samples in the most imaginative ways. All of this with an elegance that, until now, seemed to be exclusive to only a few names in electronic music.

With dozens of remixes and edits published online, and hot off the release of his thematic EP trilogy, camoufly has rapidly earned the support of several household names in the electronic scene in a little less than three years.

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