Mint Your Samples to the Arpeggi Library feat. hedsDAO Sample Pack

Sample upload and minting is live on Arpeggi

Over the last few months, one message from our community has been clear: when can we use our own samples in Arpeggi Studio? We are pleased to announce that as of this very moment, anyone can upload and mint their samples to Arpeggi. To kick things off, we have partnered with hedsDAO, who has contributed 100 samples that anyone can use on Arpeggi today.

Why upload your samples?

Currently, artists don’t have a good system to receive credit when their work is used because of convoluted and opaque Web2 music infrastructure that incentivizes musicians to protect reuse of their music instead of promoting it. These antiquated systems keep music creation in single-player mode: either share your project files with people you trust or publish your music for consumption. Because there’s no way to track attribution, trustless collaboration isn’t possible.

At Arpeggi, we’re changing the way music is made by making music creation multiplayer. We developed the Audio Relations Protocol (ARP), a decentralized on-chain music registry, for registering and tracking the use of music primitives (songs, loops, and samples). ARP guarantees that when artists’ sounds are used, they get credit, allowing artists to be more comfortable sharing their sounds with the world.

See contributors on every song, down to the one-shot samples.
See contributors on every song, down to the one-shot samples.

Minting your samples publishes them to the ARP protocol, allowing anyone to use your sounds in their work. When your samples are used, you'll get credit as a featured contributor on their song. With Arpeggi, collaborative music creation is possible.

hedsDAO’s Sample Pack

To formally launch Arpeggi’s open sample minting, we have partnered with hedsDAO, fixtures in web3’s audio-visual and collaborative production community. We are honored to have 100 samples from hedsDAO, which are available immediately for creation on Arpeggi today.

Heds are long time admirers of Arpeggi. Sample packs, mixtapes & collaboration are hallmarks of digital music culture and thus represent with where we come from. Both heds and Arpeggi have brought their take on creativity to the web3 world - this collection is an homage from one web3 entity to another.

Browse the hedsDAO sample pack here and connect with hedsDAO on their Twitter and Discord.

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