Kits AI: Your Voice, Your Terms

The State of AI Voice Models

Over the last few months, AI voice conversion technology has led to an explosion of music made in the likeness of some of the world’s most popular artists, from Drake and The Weeknd to Grimes. This new technology has the potential to be one of the most revolutionary tools in music history, but it presents major challenges for artists.

  • Artist control: Unofficial, unlicensed AI voice models let anyone say anything in an artist’s voice, with no way for artists to regulate content and ensure their likeness is used how they want it to be used.

  • Artist monetization: Artists have no way to monetize the usage of their AI voice models or capture royalties from works created with their voice and likeness.

  • Artist licensing: Streaming services have been forced to take down an influx of unlicensed AI music, begging the question: how can AI voice conversion technology be licensed to publish compliant releases?

An Artist-First Solution

At our mission is to build new ways for artists to create and collaborate, and today, we are excited to announce Kits AI: a platform and licensing toolkit that enables artists to share the infinite potential of their voice with the world.

Next week we’ll be releasing a first-look into our end-to-end AI voice conversion experience that enables anyone to create music using the voice of their favorite artist—powered by a monetization and licensing system for artists to earn and retain full control over their likeness.

Throughout the development of Kits AI, we’ve worked directly with the artists that face these challenges to ensure our solutions address their needs. Thank you to those artists and community members who have worked with us to make this happen.

To get early access to the upcoming launch and stay up to date on all Kits developments, sign up here.

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