Kits: Own Your Sound

Samples you actually own

Whether it’s Metro Boomin’s iconic 808s, or Dua Lipa sampling Elton John, samples are at the core of nearly all of today’s music production. However, there are major problems in today’s sample landscape. Mass-market sample services like Splice give access to a huge shared library of sounds but make it difficult for artists to establish a unique sonic identity. Meanwhile, it is nearly impossible for producers who remix or sample other songs to get proper legal clearance for their samples, pushing them to the fringes of Soundcloud and YouTube as a result.

Today, Arpeggi Labs is excited to launch Kits, a sample marketplace allowing musicians to own their samples and co-create with their favorite artists in ways never before possible. When you purchase a Kit you receive:

  • Samples you truly own. Kits are digital assets that represent a license to use samples from your favorite artists. Holding a Kit in your wallet lets you download the samples on and serves as permanent, on-chain proof of your license. Done creating with the sounds in your Kit? Sell it on a secondary market and find new samples for your music.

  • Samples only you can use. On traditional sample marketplaces like Splice or LoopCloud, everyone pulls from the same pool of sounds. With Kits, only token holders have access to the samples in their Kit, and only token holders of a Kit can create, monetize, and distribute music made with samples in their Kit.

  • Samples that connect you to new communities. When you purchase a Kit, you gain access to a token-gated community of other artists creating with the Kit as well as the Kit creator themselves. Kit creators can host custom experiences to create alongside their fans - ranging from 1:1 producer workshops to community remix competitions.

Kits Season 1 includes sample releases from six of the top artists and producers in web3—TK, AbJo, Edwin, Dot, MSFT and Ramzoid. Over the next few weeks, each artist will release their own dedicated sample pack. To kick off Season 1, in 24 hours, we will release the Season 1 Preview Pack:

  • The Season 1 Preview Pack has 6 unique token types—one for each artist in Season 1—determined randomly at the time of mint.

  • Each pack includes 13 samples: two samples from each artist in Season 1, plus one random bonus sample, determined by the token type.

  • The sale will only be open to those who register for the presale or were token holders of each artist as of February 6th, 2023.

  • The sale will begin at 10:00 AM Pacific, February 8th, 2023 and be open for 48 hours. Each mint will cost 0.01 ETH, and each person on the presale list will have the ability to mint up to 6 tokens.

Kits reimagines the traditional industry paradigm of music licensing, putting ownership and accessibility at the forefront. Our mission is to make music creation more accessible, equitable and valuable for artists; the Kits Season 1 is just the beginning. twitter | discord | instagram

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