Kits — Season 01 Wrap-Up
April 10th, 2023

with TK, AbJo, MSFT, Dot, Ramzoid, and Edwin

After 2 months, Kits Season 1 has officially come to a close. To celebrate, we’re taking a look back at some of our proudest moments, and launching a free, open-edition collectible poster on Zora, with one lucky collector winning free access to a Kit of their choice ⬇️

Season 1 in review →

Our mission with Kits is leveraging web3 licensing to improve the way musicians collaborate and capture value. Through Season 1, we were able to:

  • Generate over $16,000+ for our Season 1 artists with 1,000+ Kits minted

  • Onboard and distribute a growing library of 600+ original sounds on behalf of our Kits artists across 8 unique Kits:

    • 354 loops

    • 317 one-shots

  • Facilitate 30+ collaborations between Kits artists and their communities

A major part of the Kits platform is creating opportunities for fans to create with their favorite artists. During Season 1, 6 of Kit’s community members were featured alongside their favorite artists in new releases through Kits:

Mint the Kits S01 Wrap-up →

We are thrilled to celebrate the close of Kits Season 1 with a free commemorative token mint. Kits is nothing without the artists that have taken the leap putting their sounds out on Kits and our amazing community of creators that support and create alongside them. The minting window is open for one week after the publishing of this article, so collect while you can:

Mint on Zora →

The Kits of Season 1
The Kits of Season 1

Our latest Kit—Analog Filth Vol 1 by BRUX—launches tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Learn more about Kits at twitter | discord | instagram | lens

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