The First On-Chain CC0 Sample Library
James Pastan
March 8th, 2022

The Future of On-Chain Art

Arpeggi Labs is curating the first on-chain CC0 sample library, creating composable building blocks for web3 music development.

What is Arpeggi Labs?

Arpeggi Labs is the first blockchain music creation platform, providing tools for the next generation of creators to compose, collaborate and sell their music fully on-chain. With Arpeggi Studio — the only on-chain digital audio workstation (DAW) — musicians can compose and mint their songs as fully on-chain NFTs, allowing creators to take full advantage of blockchain technology.

What is CC0?

For those unfamiliar, Creative Commons Zero (CC0) is the most powerful copyright designation that exists for free-use IP. Per

CC0 enables scientists, educators, artists and other creators and owners of copyright- or database-protected content to waive those interests in their works and thereby place them as completely as possible in the public domain, so that others may freely build upon, enhance and reuse the works for any purposes without restriction under copyright or database law.

CC0 is discussed frequently by industry thought leaders and has grown popular within the web3 ecosystem. CC0 projects have become more and more prevalent because of projects like Nouns and CrypToadz, whose IP is entirely within the public domain, allowing derivatives to be made without restriction. As derivatives are made, the larger ecosystem grows, as does the prominence and stature of the original projects.

Why we’re creating a CC0 sample library

So — why create a CC0 sample library? For us, it all comes down to our desire to increase accessibility within the broader web3 music ecosystem.

As members of the broader web3 music ecosystem, we believe that we have a responsibility to build and share the tools that make the web3 music ecosystem accessible to all — and that’s why we’re creating a free-use CC0 sample library alongside a more accessible on-chain music creation platform.

The Arpeggi CC0 Sample Library (ACSL) will exist immutably and permanently as the composable music primitives of the blockchain. Not only will they power the next version of Arpeggi Studio, they will be free for anyone to use for web3 music applications. By making these samples both CC0 and on-chain, we’re laying the permanent foundation for web3 music creation.

Why contribute to the Arpeggi CC0 Sample Library

Arpeggi is paying the upfront cost to curate and store samples on-chain (~$100 in gas per sample) with the hopes that all artists who submit samples will cement their names in web3 music history. Each sample in the Arpeggi CC0 Sample Library will include the artist’s name and ETH address along with a name and description for the sample pack. As the adoption of the sample library grows across web3 music projects, so will the recognition of the samples and the submitting artists.

How to contribute

If you’re interested in submitting to the Arpeggi CC0 Sample Library please fill out our interest form at this link and our team will be in touch with you.

Note: for the first edition of the ACSL, we’re accepting samples that meet the following conditions:

  • All samples must be either a melodic one-shot or kick, snare, hi hat, clap, percussion or sfx
  • All samples must be submitted in Wav Format
  • All samples must be one-shots and not compositions, loops or drum breaks
  • All samples must be between 0–10 seconds long
  • For Drum One-Shots: the downbeat/transient of the drum must begin immediately at beginning of sample, i.e. the waveform starts immediately with no silence**; t**he signal must peak at -6 to 0db loudness (almost clipping a dB meter)
  • For Melodic One-Shots: the note of the sample must be C; the downbeat/transient of the sample must begin immediately at the beginning of sample, ie the waveform starts immediately with no silence (no pads or slow attacks); it must be one note, no chords (octaves within one synthesizer are fine and multiple oscillators with slight detunes are fine); there must be no delays or echos, although reverbs are fine within 10 second sample length
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