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October 21, 2022 / By Artchild

With so many fairs and exhibitions happening around the world, we wanted to round up some of our favorites to share with you in this edition of The Playground, our newsletter highlighting projects we love.

Lars Wander: Perry, Mary and Lars
Great for: Being inspired by the possibilities of code as a creative medium
When: Ends Tomorrow (Run, don’t walk!)
Where: 4 Cromwell Place, London

The expansion of the technological landscape in contemporary art takes a revolutionary form in the work of Lars Wander. Wander has written and painstakingly perfected algorithms that a pen plotter—a kinetic mechanical pen-holder—draws with detailed precision onto paper. Using varying drawing tools in the plotter and embracing the inevitable subtleties that result from the use of physical materials, his work salutes the undeniable presence of human touch in algorithmic disciplines and the beauty that can be achieved when man and machine come together. (Image source: Verse.Works)

Source: Verse.Works
Source: Verse.Works

Amy Sherald: The World We Make
Great for: Reflection by way of arresting portraiture
When: Through 23 December
Where: Hauser & Wirth, London

Amy Sherald’s intimate depictions of Black Americans invite us to meditate on our opportunity to remake the future as we meditate on the past. Unveiling a new body of work at H&W, subjects tower over us on large canvases in everyday settings as well as historically recognizable scenes. Sherald cites the use of blue backgrounds as a projection of hope and plays with traditional American symbols to confront and reset notions of Western identity.

Source: Hauser & Wirth
Source: Hauser & Wirth

Design Bazaar: Contemporary Design with Historic Sensibility
Great for: Enjoying an amazing curation of contemporary furniture
When: 27 October–6 November
Where: Primaried Studio, Miami

Primaried and Hayworth have come together to curate and co-present a design exhibition showcasing 3 contemporary homeware and furniture designers whose unique pieces harken to past iconic design movements, such as Postmodernism and Memphis. Taking place at Primaried Studio, a showroom for rare collectible furniture located in Little Haiti, visitors are guaranteed a special visual experience in a vibrant pocket of Miami.

Sources: Studio Boheme, OM Editions
Sources: Studio Boheme, OM Editions

Affordable Art Fair Battersea Autumn
Great for:
Collecting accessible art
When: This weekend
Where: Battersea Park, London

The Affordable Art Fairs take place internationally and give collectors the opportunity to take something home (they will literally wrap it on-site for you) within a budget. Exhibitors sell works in a range of mediums and prices from £50-£7,500. Don’t miss their Under £500 curation.

Source: Affordable Art Fair, Greg Pearson
Source: Affordable Art Fair, Greg Pearson

Harold Cohen: The AARON Retrospective
Great for: Appreciating the early foundations of technology in art
When: Through 19 November
Where: Gazelli Art House, London

Harold Cohen’s influential career emerged in the 1960s and has paved the way for algorithmic artists today. Inventing and training his own computer program he named Aaron to create artwork independently, this exhibition celebrates Cohen’s collaboration with his machine.

Source: Gazelli Art House
Source: Gazelli Art House

ART X Lagos
Great for: Discovering the breadth of contemporary art from the African diaspora When: 4–6 November (2–10 on Artsy)
Where: The Federal Palace, Lagos

Advancing beyond the traditional art fair experience, ART X Lagos is a spirited cultural event hosting dynamic experiences, panels, performances and over 120 artists from 40 countries across the continent presented by leading international galleries. The fair is committed to showcasing and supporting the wide-ranging creative might from the African diaspora. Visitors won’t want to miss the fair’s special installation created by Linda Dounia, one of our favorite artists who explores physical and digital mediums by way of AI. A virtual fair will also take place on Artsy from 2–10 Nov to be enjoyed anywhere.

Sources: ART X Lagos, Linda Dounia
Sources: ART X Lagos, Linda Dounia

Wolfgang Tillmans: To look without fear
Great for: Being inspired by the world today through an unconventional lens
When: Through 1 January
Where: Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Marking his largest US exhibition to date, this survey of Wolfgang Tillmans’s full breadth of photographic work allows us to experience the ways in which he perceives the world around him. Tillmans has explored every genre possible, from the documentation of social movements to nightlife portraits to abstract compositions. His unabashed experimentation of materials and display come to life in a floor-to-ceiling arrangement of prints in varying sizes and formats—some are taped, binder-clipped, or framed on the walls.

Sources: Wolfgang Tillmans, MoMA
Sources: Wolfgang Tillmans, MoMA

Universal Everything — Lifeforms
Great for: A delightful multimedia experience that’s fun for all ages

When: Through 4 December
Where: The Strand, London

Universal Everything is a media art and design collective that has brought together 14 immersive and playful installations at 180 The Strand. Combining sound, interaction and technology, visitors are invited to enjoy a colorful parade of human-like characters in different environments.

Sources: Jack Hems, Universal Everything
Sources: Jack Hems, Universal Everything

Paris+ par Art Basel
Great for: Experiencing the buzzing European artistic landscape
When: This weekend
Where: Grand Palais Éphémère, Paris

As a leading global forum connecting artists, gallerists, and collectors, Art Basel will be launching their first Paris edition: Paris+ par Art Basel. The fair promises to showcase Paris’s new and flourishing art scene that has re-developed within recent years, and make connections between its multiple creative industries, including fashion and cinema. The fair will host 165 international galleries as well as free satellite programs that will offer public art installations and panel discussions.

Sources: kamel mennour, Patrick Tourneboeuf
Sources: kamel mennour, Patrick Tourneboeuf

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