Introduction to ArtGobblersDAO!


Art Gobblers is a decentralized art factory & on-chain game owned by aliens. As artists make cool art, Gobblers gains cultural relevance, making collectors want the art more, incentivizing artists to make cooler art. It's also an on-chain game. The main focus of the DAO is to offer players more accessibility into ArtGobblers while providing gameplay services that will maximize returns, grow the game’s community, and support the ecosystem and tokenomics of the game. By playing ArtGobblers together as a collective, we’re seizing a few opportunities:

First, it is important to mention, we are anticipating it will be expensive to obtain a Gobbler and the GOO they produce. Even if you own a Gobbler, you may not be able to collect enough $GOO for it. To understand this system, you should study the VRGDA system.

Secondly,A player base establishes a few important things in the ecosystem: 1) more volume/liquidity to the in-game market, 2) more stability for the cryptocurrencies/tokens associated with the game, 3) more support of the game as a community, allowing it to grow and flourish. While ArtGobbler’s player base has been consistently growing week over week, a lower point of entry should further contribute to player base growth.

As we talked with numerous ArtGobblers community members we became aware of some small groups of large private investors taking the leap into ArtGobblers but were surprised we couldn't find many public collectives or guilds in the space yet. So, with our bullishness in hand and the above opportunities in mind, we decided to start our own. **Enter ArtGobblersDAO!

**For those who are new to the Web 3 space, wondering about ArtGobblersDao and why we’ve come together, let’s start with an explanation of what Art Gobblers is.**
**Art Gobblers are called Art Gobblers because they gobble art. In particular, they eat art that artists draw using our draw tool and turn into 1/1 NFTs using in-game resources. All the artworks a Gobbler eats belong to it on-chain and are displayed in its belly gallery forever. Art Gobblers produce Goo tokens, which are used to produce the blank pages needed to make art. Gobblers love the smell of their own goo, so the more $Goo they have in their $Goo tanks, the faster they squirt out more new $Goo.

In short, Artgobblers is a game and art gallery that you can earn real money by playing. You can learn more about ArtGobblers by visiting its Paradigm writing’s.

**Of course, the concept of a GameFi guild is nothing new. With most new play to earn projects comes a new, early adopting guild. Axie Infinity for example, a more mature play and earn game, currently maintains countless numbers of guilds and community collectives.

We’re considerably personally invested in the game and want to see it succeed long term. We also want to foster a community that can come together to learn and grow. We’ll even happy to see our members earn enough passive income with ArtGobblersDAO that they can graduate into owning and managing a Gooble and $GOO on their own, without us.


**While we consider all our Twitter followers to be part of the community, we offer ArtGobblersDAO membership through our membership NFT sales. These NFTs, upon buying, prove membership in and ownership of a fractional piece of the DAO’s collective Gobbler’s and $GOO. By fractionalizing ownership we are able to crowd-source the liquidity of our multiple members, lowering the barrier of entry to buy Gobbler’s and start playing. By simply holding onto that NFT (or multiple NFTs), our members receive proportionate weekly game earnings to their digital wallets.

We aim to make our first sale through this mirror article. In the first piece, a total of 500 membership cards will be minted. For every mirror article you buy here, a membership card will be airdrop your wallet. Our price for each membership card will be 0.1 eth in total 500 pieces. For more than one membership card, you can send 0.1 $ETH and its multiples to this address. 0x20c3E8516f54ceC5D90826D3462E9773B2b2C8B4

We recognize the importance of feeling like you have a say in your investment, even if its fractionalized. As we continue to grow, we intend to find more meaningful ways for our community to be involved. We are always open to feedback and suggestions regarding ArtGobblersDAO and encourage our members to start conversations and get involved. **Of course, we’re nothing without our members!

**With all that said, we’re happy you’ve arrived at the best place to enter into Artgobblers in a low-committment, low-barrier, low-stress way. We hope you’ll stick around and get in on the ArtGobblersDAO conversation!

ArtGobblersDAO is a ArtGobblers guild that offers its members the following benefits:

  • Lowers barrier to enter and play the game

  • Reduces personal commitment by providing a low-cost option

  • Shares and manages risk without increasing personal capital allocation

  • Automates idle gameplay and strategy: $Goo minting, Blank pages, managing Gobble’s, researching strategy, etc.

  • Distributes weekly $GOO

  • Contributes to the long-term health and well-being of the larger Artgobbler’s community and ecosystem

  • Art Gobblers membership card sale: 500 supply 0.1 $ETH

    Purchasing this article will give you an airdrop membership card allocation.
    For more than one membership card, you can send 0.1 $ETH and its multiples to this address. 0x20c3E8516f54ceC5D90826D3462E9773B2b2C8B4


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