“What” is SiteAngel

【Basic】users tip to website owner using only URL

【Advanced】Provide protocols with data they need when they airdrop to third-party front-end developers and supporters

“Why” we build SiteAngel


There are sites that provide useful information or tools for free (e.g. wikipedia).

Users want to thank good site operators.

Site operators want to receive financial support and continue to operate.

So we build a service that allows users to donate using URL without knowing their bank account.


In web3, developers sometimes build third party front-end for dapps backend code (smart contracts)(e.g. Lens Protocol, Tornado Cache). Dapps operators would like to airdrop to the front-end developers and to donators who have supported them, and incentivize frontend diversity.

We record which users use which dapps (smart contracts) and how much they donate to which front end. Then we provide the data to the dapps operators. the data helps to fair "airdrop".

[note]Frontend Diversify

“Frontend Diversify” is building multiple frontends for a single contract. For example, in DeFi there is a protocol called Liquity ( that doesn't have any official frontend.
"Frontend Diversify" not only allows users to choose the frontend that suits their tastes, but also creates many benefits such as anti-censorship and UI/UX optimization due to competition with each other.

“How” SiteAngel work


donate to the website operator using "DNS Domain Name as ENS"(e.g.

If the website operator has not obtained the ENS, donation will be pooled in SiteAngel treasury contract. Then, after they obtain an ENS, they can claim that donation.

about “DNS Domain Name as ENS”


When users donate, record which dapps use (transaction) was associated with the donation. This recording is basically done by user self-reporting. This operation will be devised in an intuitive and easy-to-understand manner. the data will be provided to dapps operators upon request.

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