UIBounty -Platform for Decentralized Frontend

what we want to do (tl;dr)

Distribute budget to who provided Frontends of full on-chain games.

more detail

With UIBounty,

  • anyone who wants third parties to create various frontends can set up "autorun bounty pool"

  • Frontend providers can register with UIBounty and receive continuous funding for their contributions.

  • Users can choose GAME-UI that suits their tastes and play games without fear of censorship making the game unplayable.

who wants third parties to create various frontends (we call them Funder) is, for example,

  • core team that provides the backend part of full on-chain games

  • fan community of the game

Frontend providers is, for example,

  • Professional bounty hunters developing Frontend

  • Game fans who want to extend the game

  • Founder of NFT collections who wants to collaborate with popular games and promote their characters

How UIBounty works


Funder make budget by sending funds(e.g. ETH) to the UIBounty contract.
If desired, Funder can also specify the method of budget allocation.
budget allocation methods include

  • Transaction characteristics to focus on when distributing budgets

  • How much bounty to pay for one transaction

  • The maximum amount

  • Implementation period

Funders can also make additional funding to the Created budget.

②Getting Bounties

Frontend providers selects bounty program to participate in and registers them with UIBounty.
And they provide Game-UI to the user.
Then, UIBounty measures how many transactions are made by each frontend and distribute the budget quantitatively according to transactions volume.

【how measure transaction volume】

it measure transaction volume by generating double transactions.
it means that, when the user generates a transaction to the game contract, it also generates a transaction to the UIBounty contract. And it verifies that the double transactions match.

Why do we need UIBounty

Decentralized Frontend makes us a great favor.

  • If one frontend is censored or attacked, other frontends can still be used.

  • Improve user experience

    • Mods in Minecraft

    • Third-party apps for Twitter (there are now gone due to API restrictions)

By creating a mechanism for frontend providers to monetize their services, we can realize a future with Decentralized Frontend.

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