Aspis Protocol: Transforming Finance in the Digital Age

At Aspis Protocol, we're on a mission to revolutionize the financial landscape, and the time for this transformation is now. But why are we building Aspis, and what sets us apart from the rest? Here in this article, you can find answers to the most popular questions that we’re receiving from the public while building our decentralized future.

Why We're Building Aspis Protocol:

In a world where collaboration and trust are essential, Aspis Protocol is the answer to a pressing issue: the fragmentation of our global financial systems. Each country has its own regulations, gatekeepers, and trust layers, making cross-border fundraising a complex endeavor. Aspis Protocol is here to break down these barriers and enable international fundraising like never before.

Our journey began with the rise of ICOs in 2017, opening doors to cross-border fundraising and a distributed trust layer. Despite initial challenges, this innovation led to the emergence of IEOs and IDOs, creating more secure and regulated fundraising mechanisms within the crypto community. While many people may argue that the majority of ICOs are scams, the majority of startups that even raised funding are failing, too. So there are always both good and bad sides, so it’s a matter of subject to choose a focus point. Both arguments might be considered true if facts are linked in a determined way.

Fast forward to the DeFi boom from 2019 to 2021, decentralized exchanges and lending markets paved the way for self-custody, allowing users to manage their assets without intermediaries. However, the majority still delegate their assets to professionals, often relying on centralized entities that are still using centralized exchanges, but it is about a great change to happen.

Why Now?

Now, two key factors are driving change:

  1. Growing Crypto Adoption: More people are embracing crypto and Web3 due to economic instability and the lack of financial infrastructure in many countries.

  2. Improved DeFi Infrastructure: Decentralized exchanges, enhanced UI/UX, and a growing ecosystem are making DeFi more accessible and user-friendly.

As trust in traditional institutions wanes due to inflation, conflicts, and a focus on control over cooperation, the time is ripe for a decentralized solution like Aspis Protocol.

What Problem Does Aspis Solve?

Aspis Protocol addresses the age-old question: "How can I protect my assets?" It does so by eliminating the need for trust and enhancing transparency through smart contracts. Instead of relying on intermediaries, individuals can transact directly using code that executes verifiably on the blockchain.

Consider the current process: Two parties require an intermediary to regulate their transaction because they lack full trust in each other. This involves drafting agreements, involving banks for fund custody, and securing regulatory approvals. Aspis Protocol streamlines this, making transactions secure, transparent, and efficient through smart contracts.

Our Go-To-Market Strategy:

Our Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is founded on collaboration and building trust within communities of traders. We begin by engaging with small communities of traders and traders' schools, gradually building our reputation as a reliable and transparent platform. Our secret sauce lies in collaborating with traders and managers who value fairness and openness.

From these initial communities, we plan to expand into broader market segments, attracting users who seek trust and transparency in their financial dealings. Our growth strategy is rooted in organic expansion and fostering relationships with users who share our vision of a transparent financial future.

Why Aspis is Better than Centralized Competitors:

Aspis Protocol eliminates counterparty risk and offers full transparency, making it a safer choice compared to centralized competitors. It operates on smart contracts, not intermediaries, ensuring that funds are secure and tamper-proof.

How Aspis Protocol Differs from Multisigs (e. g. Gnosis Safe):

While Gnosis Safe serves its purpose, Aspis Protocol offers several distinct advantages:

  1. Decentralized Decision-Making: Aspis Protocol enables the distribution of decision-making among an infinite number of shareholders, as opposed to the multi-signature approach with equal voting power. This allows for more inclusive governance.

  2. Automated Onboarding and Offboarding: Aspis Protocol leverages automation for user onboarding and offboarding, streamlining the process and enhancing user experience. It is very hard to coordinate a group of 10+ people for each signature on each withdrawal, swap, and every major decision.

  3. Role-Based Control and Restrictions: Unlike Gnosis Safe, Aspis Protocol introduces role-based controls, offering a traditional legal setup for funds. This structure is better suited for protecting investors' interests. For example, the manager can trade a pre-approved list of assets without the need to confirm every swap he will be doing. (In Gnosis Safe you need to confirm every swap with all the participants)

Our Strategy for the Next 3-5 Years:

Over the coming years, our strategy is simple yet ambitious:

  1. Platform Evolution: Continuously enhance our platform, integrating cross-chain options, expanding DEX and DeFi protocol connections, and offering an even broader range of features.

  2. Regulatory Collaboration: Strengthen partnerships with regulators to provide a secure legal framework for users. Thanks to the variety of countries and regulation mechanisms and also

  3. Global Local Expansion: Expand our user base, reaching more individuals and entities worldwide but organically.

  4. Decentralization: Promote the adoption of decentralized autonomous funds (DAFs) for asset management, charity initiatives, and project financing.

Unlocking the Future with Autonomous AI Agents:

One of the most exciting aspects of Aspis Protocol's future is the integration of autonomous AI agents. These agents operate independently and are not bound by government registries or conventional regulations. Aspis Protocol is pioneering a path where AI-driven entities seamlessly collaborate with human counterparts, unlocking unprecedented economic opportunities.

The Future of Aspis Protocol:

Looking ahead, Aspis Protocol is poised to unlock entirely new use cases, including the integration of autonomous AI agents. These agents operate independently and are not bound by government registries or conventional regulations. This expansion into the realm of AI-driven agents represents a groundbreaking leap in decentralized finance.

Join us on this transformative journey where we bridge the gap between trust and transparency, bringing a new era of financial freedom to all.

Together, we're reshaping finance for a better future for all humanity.

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