Joe Blau
June 30th, 2022

We’ve built the next great application in Web3: a universal directory for the crypto community.

Atomize helps Web3 communities establish an online presence with no counterparty risk. Our focus is transparency. Atomize allows you to search and verify that communities are authentic and up-to-date, based on what they post to the Ethereum blockchain.

Finally, a search application that works. No more rug pulls.

We’ve created beautiful on-chain identities, highly-curated and human-readable, based on the ENS protocol. We call them Profiles.

Profiles are visual representations of blockchain data. They allow you to control your messaging and your public image. Atomize Profiles are associated with public/private key-pairs, preventing impersonators from using your Profile without gaining access to your private key(s).

Atomize recognizes the power to claim, modify, and publish a Profile, is based on the Controller of an ENS domain. This further ensures that only the key-pair controlling the ENS domain itself can legally control an Atomize Profile.

How It Works

Communities are currently building on platforms they don’t own. They risk becoming censored, delisted, and de-platformed.

We’ve seen this in the world of Web2 (Twitter removing its API, Facebook shutting down Parse) and there’s no sign of it slowing down. That’s because creators and users cannot negotiate. It’s not their platform or API, so they’re at the mercy of big companies who host them.

Basically, it’s play by their rules, or play somewhere else.

Web3 communities are also getting rugged. Every week there’s a new breach between creators and community members. This is because we’ve reintroduced trust into the system.

We think this is the big problem facing Web3.

Atomize is censorship-resistant and removes counterparty risk by curating what’s already on-chain. We strongly believe blockchains were designed to minimize trust and maximize peer-to-peer activity.

Your relationship with your community should be…yours.

Here’s how it works
Here’s how it works

Your crypto wallet (public/private key-pair) can purchase an ENS domain. That wallet now owns that domain. Just make sure the Resolver and the Controller are the same address. That domain has a set of properties we call Text Records. These Records can be updated by you.

They include off-chain records such as social media profiles (Twitter and Discord), and on-chain records such as Uniswap and Snapshot, links where you host your token and voting proposals. A treasury can have many owners, but a crypto wallet is usually controlled by a single address.

Atomize Profiles filter between off-chain links (what corporations can change) and on-chain links (what creators can change). More than a search directory, the emphasis here is creative control.


The most important records to Atomize Profiles are on-chain records.

We call them Blocks.

Blocks indicate authenticity on our platform and qualify communities for blue checks. You cannot earn a blue check without at least one published block (on-chain record). If you’re a community a part of our First 100, you can simply claim your profile and get a blue check.

We’ve verified you have community content on the Ethereum blockchain.

Now you can share your Web3 Profile link in your social media profiles. No need for counterparty platforms like LinkTree or Taplink. You don’t own access to those websites. Atomize can go down, but the content you edit through our inline tool is on-chain, forever.

No charge. Just pay gas. Here’s our community Profile

We believe our verification system improves transparency within Web3 communities, where it’s often difficult to tell who owns, and controls, what. It’d be nice to know who exactly controls the treasury, which NFT collection is the real one, etc., without doing a bunch of sleuthing.

Just check whether or not the community profile is verified.

Creators finally own what they create and publish, and new and prospective members can make informed decisions, as to the authenticity and integrity of that community.

Find your community and share your link in your bio. Your real link.

Welcome to Web3.

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