Potential airdrop from Treasure DAO

Treasure DAO is the decentralized gaming ecosystem connecting games and players through $MAGIC on Arbitrum. The Treasure DAO token is already traded on Binance

If you did not receive an airdrop from Arbitrum, do not be upset, because you have another chance

Treasure has recently received 8,000,000 $ARB tokens as a grant and now the project has an activity for which these tokens may be distributed

And what to do?

  • Go to the website and connect your wallet
  • Leave your email in the appropriate field and verify it
  • Connect your Twitter and Discord

  • Choose your TreasureTag and claim it (fee ~$0.28)

  • Fill out the form

What else can you do?

  • It is worth paying attention to the projects in the top 20 in this table
    Here are all the projects that will be allocated $ARB tokens
  • If you still have $ARB tokens, you can delegate them here
  • Complete project quests in Layer3
  • Use the products of these projects, for example, swap tokens on their platforms

✅ And that's it for now!

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