The Bacon Ecosystem Directory
July 25th, 2022

The Bacon Ecosystem Directory

Bacon Protocol was launched in 2021 with the vision of bridging the gap between DeFi and the real estate and mortgage market. We believe in the ethos of permissionless access, transparency and decentralization, and we’re employing these DeFi-native concepts to innovate in the real estate and mortgage industry. Bacon Protocol has come a long way since our launch, so we thought it was time to do a recap and reintroduce you to the suite of products within the Bacon Protocol ecosystem.

Home Coin, $HOME

A stablecoin backed by US home mortgages and the first stablecoin to generate yield for holding. $HOME is overcollateralized by US home mortgages, a real world asset which has less correlation with other crypto assets, making it more resilient against negative movements in the crypto market. Yield for holding or staking $HOME is generated from mortgage repayments made in Fiat, which means tapping into a revenue stream that is predictable and durable even in a bear market. is the new home portal for HOME coin. Find out how you can hold or stake to earn durable yield through our mortgage-backed stablecoin. is the place to find out the latest happenings on our governance token.


Every lien on a U.S. home backing $HOME is represented by an NFT on-chain. Data storage on the blockchain means you are easily able to access home value and mortgage information at the click of a button This information is also recorded at the county where the house is located and is a public record. The process for Eggs is actually quite simple. First you head to a mortgage originator (today us). They make the loan which conforms to all the guidelines, regulation and compliance. Then HOME Coin purchases the loan (if it meets the criteria). Viola, Eggs.

Bacon Coin

The governance token that powers Bacon Protocol. Voting by the BACON token holders drives all major policy decisions. The community is empowered with decision-making control over the creation of new Pans, adjustment of AMM parameters, changes to protocol behavior, usage of treasury funds, allocation of liquidity incentives, bonding for servicers. For updates on BACON head  to

Stake $HOME tokens to earn additional returns in Bacon Coin.

Bacon Protocol

The blockchain that powers it all. The Bacon Protocol brings the same power and value that mortgages give banks, financial institutions, and governments to anyone who can buy cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized system built using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

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