Introducing $BNOUN: The First LNFT (Liquid NFT) on Base

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between BASED NOUNS and Liquidify, ushering in a new era of liquidity and accessibility in the NFT space. Together, we are proud to introduce the first LNFT (Liquid NFT) on the Base network—$BNOUN.

What is an LNFT?

LNFTs, or Liquid NFTs, are ERC20 tokens backed 1:1 by NFTs, making them tradable and accessible in the broader DeFi ecosystem. Our $BNOUN token is backed by the iconic Lil Based Nouns collection, allowing users to own a fraction of these coveted NFTs with ease.

How Does It Work?

Liquidify v2, a permissionless protocol built on Base (and other EVM's on request), powers the creation and management of LNFTs. Users can wrap their Lil Based Nouns into $BNOUN tokens on Liquidify's platform, unlocking liquidity and enabling fractional ownership at scale.

Benefits and Opportunities

  • Increased Liquidity: By pairing $BNOUN tokens with a liquidity pool, users can seamlessly trade tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and unwrap NFTs from the collection when the swap threshold is met.

  • Fractional Ownership: Each Lil Based Noun is equivalent to 10 $BNOUN tokens, allowing for greater accessibility and participation in the NFT market

  • Getting Started

    • Wrapping and Unwrapping: Visit Liquidify to wrap your Lil Nouns into $BNOUN tokens and vice versa.

    • Token Details: Token Symbol: $BNOUN, Token Name: ⌐▨-▨ Liquid

    • $BNOUN Contract Addresses: 0x5FD19Bf407291Ae613D0B1099CAB410B29FB509e

    • ⌐◨-◨ Lil Based Nouns Collection:


    Important Considerations

    While Liquidify contracts undergo thorough review and maintain minimal complexity. However, users should be aware of smart contract risks and exercise caution. In the event of an exploit, we have multiple safeguards in place and offer whitehat bounties for responsible disclosure.


    • Can I Trade $BNOUN for NFTs? Yes, as long as the token meets the required amount, which is exactly the amount the NFT was traded for initially.

    • How Many $BNOUN Tokens Do I Receive for Wrapping My Lil Noun? Each Lil Noun is equivalent to 10 $BNOUN tokens.

    • How Do I Redeem $BNOUN for a Lil Noun? Simply visit Liquidify and unwrap your tokens.

    • Can I Trade $BNOUN on Markets like Any Other ERC20? Absolutely! Head to Uniswap and trade like any other token.

    Important Note: While there is no fee to buy $BNOUN, please be aware that there is a 10% tax when selling to avoid unexpected losses. Don’t get REKT!

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