Crossing the DAO Chasm
January 2nd, 2022

I’m Beeradley, I spend most of my time working with the wonderful folks over at Index Coop. I’ll be unpacking and mirror-fying my Web3/DAO adventures.

If you’re anything like me, and most of the people I spend most of my time with, you’re probably having a hard time engaging in any conversation that doesn’t contain mentions of DAO or Web3.

My (very patient) girlfriend last week hit me with the following question.

“Would you spend more time talking with me if I joined a DAO?”. The unfortunate but obvious answer being yes.

The DAO vacuum seems to be increasing in force with each passing week. Consuming the attention of the most intelligent and influential people and builders, generating the most interesting conversations, transformative innovations and paradigm shifting ways of work.

Tweet by @tferris
Tweet by @tferris

Working for a DAO is an absolute calamity. An organisational clusterfuck of crazy and wonderful ideas conjured up by a colourful and inspiring array of characters.

“It’s like being suspended over a bottomless chasm”

So aptly explained to me by wise ForeFront friend. Thanks SpaceXPonential.

Two paradoxical ideas generally surface when you speak to anyone who has been consistently exposed to DAO life for the better part of a year.

The first is a humble admission that we are all hanging over the proverbial chasm together without the faintest idea what is happening or what is going to happen - one year, one month, one week or even one day from now.

The second is an unwavering conviction that this is unquestionably the path to a better way of work and collaboration.

Tweet by @cburniske
Tweet by @cburniske

While the term ‘DAO’ is somewhat arbitrary (most DAO’s are neither decentralised nor autonomous), the innovations, tools and people building this new ecosystem are truly remarkable.

It’s important to acknowledge that both ‘DAO’ and ‘Web3’ are grossly insufficient attempts at encapsulating what is happening right now. The space is moving and iterating at light speed.

We are experiencing the seedlings of a gigantic shift in the way we work, create value and get paid.

By far the most exciting realisation for me so far has been the increased collaboration factor.

Tweet from @rafathebuilder covering a @TheDAOist_ article
Tweet from @rafathebuilder covering a @TheDAOist_ article

Less traditional hierarchy, flexible compensation and increased access to ownership and equity clearly shifts old mentalities toward work. The zero sum competitive mindset shifts toward an environment of positive sum collaboration.

Both internally between DAO members, and externally between DAOs.

As we fumble our way through this initial growth phase, there will certainly be no shortage of growing pains.

My ramblings here will be an attempt to open source my learnings from those with far bigger brains than myself, in the hope that we might help each other transition to this new paradigm of work with the least friction possible.

Happy days ❤️

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