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Scaling DAOs can be tough. Additionally to the usual challenges of growing a startup, you need to vet external product ideas, manage grant proposals and coordinate hundreds of contributors - in parallel to iterating on your DApp with the core team. This management overhead often leads to great ideas being overlooked.

To fix this, we are building a platform that rewards contributors for autonomously managing implementation of the community’s best ideas.

Better combines processes like DAO grants, bounties and RFPs into one streamlined platform, which simplifies management for core teams, while giving DApp communities the freedom to realize their ideas.

Better helps DApp communities to curate, fund and fully implement proposals - which can be anything from new product features or website translations to marketing campaigns.

Better lets core teams choose their own level of involvement, allowing them to chime in and support their community at any stage of the process, or simply let the community build on their own terms.

More ideas 👉 more funds 👉 more contributors

The reliance on core teams by default is largely a tooling problem. Existing DAO and bounty DApps are optimized for central management, which impedes external contribution:

  • Great ideas are often lost on Twitter or in Discord chats. There is no web3 equivalent to tools like or upvoty, which allow communities to collect and curate user feedback.
  • Forums mostly accept fully fleshed out proposals, with no feature for matching ideas with builders. There is no DAO-native Fiverr or Upwork yet.
  • Bounty platforms like Gitcoin work top-down only, as project teams create and fund bounties. While missing the link between the community’s ideas and funding.
  • There is a disconnect between builders in search of ideas and projects that face challenges. Existing tools don’t match the community’s ideas with hackers who’d want to work on them.
  • Investors have little control over a project’s roadmap or grants program, and no tool to support individual ideas and product features with more granular investments.

Better surfaces the best ideas in a public roadmap and kanban board, by allowing anyone to submit and vote on them, like a web3 version of

Better rewards builders, similar to a bounty, by allowing investors to fund an idea and community members to apply for implementing it.

As an Open Source platform, Better is ready to plug into your existing dev environments, token voting mechanisms, and product planning tools.

We’d love to see you play with our alpha on NEAR testnet and hear your feedback in Discord! Also feel free to dogfood Better by leaving your feature ideas on our Better product board or by opening your own community!

Better integrates into your existing flows

Better is built in a modular way, for our community to easily extend and integrate it into your existing product building flows and DAO tooling. Our first prototype integrates with Github issues for storage and issue management, and with the NEAR blockchain for bounty payments. We also let you host your Better project board on your own URL - eg.

This way, submitting an idea is always just a click away from your DApp. While your devs never have to leave their environment to manage issues. Here is how the same issues look on both sites:

And this Open Source modularity allows us to customize Better even further: Imagine custom UIs fitting your design language, Discord and Twitter bots, feedback buttons right in your DApp, and integrations with Notion, Snapshot and Discourse.

To make Better support different chains and Layer2s, we also plan to support decentralized storage, identity and reputation solutions like IPFS and Ceramic Network.

This will ultimately allow Better to help crypto DApps and DAOs as well as tokenless Open Source projects of any size and development stage.

Which use case should we support next?

Better aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem, by matching ideas from all over the web with builders and funding. Here is how Better could integrate with your community:

  • Collect product feedback, like on, helping your team to prioritize features on the core roadmap.
  • Skin-in-the-game product feedback, allowing investors to fund pools for specific features, project collaborations, etc.
  • Community-seeded bounties, letting your community coordinate around small product upgrades, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Core team-seeded bounties or RFPs, ready for external contributors to implement.
  • Match ideas with builders, to create teams to hack on the community’s ideas within the scope of grant proposals or hackathons.
  • Build up reputation on active community members with great ideas, and reward them with targeted airdrops.
  • Discover new talented engineers, who started as external contributors on Better.
  • Seed a cross-project DAO by using Better as an independent platform to kickstart collaborations.

We ultimately aim to create a global identity and reputation score for any user and thus introduce more trust between web3 anons and the centralized web2 space.

And to start, we need your ideas :)

Developing our beta right now, we’d love to hear which features would get you to use Better!


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