Europa & Captains' Club – IRL Token Gated Access
June 8th, 2022

E11EVEN Miami Selects EUROPA as its Web3 Technology Provider for Customer Loyalty, Token-Gated IRL Access, Tickets and Merchandise

Europa Labs, an emerging leader in Web3 physical redeemable technology for NFTs, has been selected by E11EVEN Crypto, a new division of the rapidly growing E11EVEN empire, as the official partner for its Web3 infrastructure and tokenized redeemables. As early adopters of Web3 technology, E11EVEN is the zeitgeist for consumer-facing companies interested in leveraging the benefits of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets.

Through E11EVEN Crypto’s Europa app, 11 Captain’s Club members will be able to easily generate VIP tickets from their NFTs, acquire and redeem tokenized physical merchandise, and access other perks only offered to exclusive members.

Michael Simkins, CEO of E11EVEN Crypto
Michael Simkins, CEO of E11EVEN Crypto

For companies interested in adopting blockchain technology, Europa Labs simplifies the minting of tokenized redeemables on the Ethereum blockchain. E11EVEN Crypto will be able to use the app to easily mint digital redeemables and offer them to 11 Captain’s Club token holders. The first items to be offered will be VIP line tickets that allow guests to skip the ultra club’s line.

IRL Token Gated Access: Generating tickets for E11EVEN events for the 11 Captain’s Club

Any user who owns an edition of an 11 Captain’s Club NFT will be able to navigate to and view a dashboard that contains a copy of their 11 Captain’s Club NFT, as well as any tokenized redeemables that may be associated with their wallet.

11 Captain's Club's Members' Only Dashboard
11 Captain's Club's Members' Only Dashboard

On a given night, the line at E11EVEN Miami can exceed a two-to-three hour wait.  With the launch of the Captains’ Club, verified NFT holders may visit E11EVEN Miami and skip the line by generating a QR code ticket that proves their membership in the Captains’ Club.

Europa’s technology makes it’s simple for 11 Captain’s Club holders to obtain VIP line tickets or other redeemables.

From the Europa dashboard, the 11 Captain’s Club Member has the ability to generate a “Club Pass” for the given day, which will be accepted for free entry or expedited line service on a given night (at the discretion of the club).

The Generate Club Pass Modal
The Generate Club Pass Modal

The Generate Club Pass Modal asks for the pass holder’s name and email.  When the user hits “generate”, the Europa platform generates a pass for the holder to be used for expedited entry to the club on the day of generation, via the Captains’ Line.

11 Captains’ Club Holder Pass Generation
11 Captains’ Club Holder Pass Generation

The user can easily add the pass to their mobile phone via Apple Wallet or Google Pay by pressing the corresponding button, or by scanning the generated QR code with their mobile phone.

Captains’ Club Pass in NFT Holders’ Apple Wallet
Captains’ Club Pass in NFT Holders’ Apple Wallet

After a pass has been issued, the software ensures that the ownership status of the token is properly reflected on the pass.  The solution is entirely non-custodial – and will never request access for the user’s NFT or any part of the user’s wallet.

Before a pass is generated, the user signs a message to claim ownership of a token. ETHPass uses this information to read from the smart contract and verify that the owner of the token is the one requesting the pass - all in real time.

The service responds to token transfer events from smart contracts and will invalidate a pass if ownership has changed hands.  Ownership is validated again by reading from the smart contract when the QR code on the pass is scanned, preventing fraud or transfers.

Feedback for Operations' Team
Feedback for Operations' Team

At the gate for the event, the operations team at E11EVEN Miami  can scan the QR code with their existing hardware to verify ownership of the NFT and ticket. However, the verification process provided by ETHPass is hardware agnostic and can be done through any smartphone connected to the internet.

Utilizing Web3-native infrastructure

The Europa app uses the Ethereum blockchain to ensure only 11 Captain’s Club Members can purchase the unique and coveted digital redeemables offered by the ultra club.  ETH Pass automates the creation of the Apple Wallet and Google-compatible tickets under the hood.

The platform makes it simple to redeem digital assets for physical redeemables, such as rare hats, shirts, and other merchandise. It also supports interoperability with global marketplaces, like OpenSea, LooksRare, Nifty Gateway, Zora, and other digital asset exchange platforms, and provides powerful metrics around collections.

Rather than using a third-party data service to pull NFT metadata (like OpenSea API, etc.), Europa has built its own metadata rendering service, which indexes key collection content and events natively with a dedicated subgraph.

We have also integrated Rainbow Kit as a new modal for streamlined wallet connection – that supports the breadth of the ethereum wallet ecosystem – including Metamask, Rainbow Wallet, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase Wallet.

Easy Web3 Onboarding with Rainbow Kit
Easy Web3 Onboarding with Rainbow Kit

The asset metadata is hosted on IPFS and is pinned to the Decentralized Cloud via Storj DCS (STORJ). This method of decentralization + erasure coding + parallel packet streaming has a number of advantages over pinning to a centralized datacenter like AWS, and helps ensure that the NFT metadata sticks around for the long-haul for users.

The platform also leverages Pocket Network (POKT) for decentralized RPC routing, ensuring a robust, decentralized and resilient infrastructure for E11EVEN Crypto’s 11 Captain’s Club application.

The Europa Solution for 11 Captains' Club utilizes a Web3-native stack
The Europa Solution for 11 Captains' Club utilizes a Web3-native stack

What is Europa?

Europa is a proven SaaS solution—built by experienced crypto engineers—that makes it simple for brands to enter Web3, and tap into the customer loyalty, engagement, creator monetization, and tokenized incentive structures that makes Web3 so appealing to consumers and brands.

The crypto-native team at Europa Labs integrates with protocols such as Zora, The Graph and zkSync to offer composable, cutting edge solutions for their clients. The solution scales along with the customer’s business. Through Europa’s solution, customers can easily mint tokenized redeemables, offer them to their communities, and deliver the digital assets to customers. This allows customers to focus on their business, rather than the underlying Web3 technology.

Tokenization of physical goods and services can transform this entire market, just like decentralized finance has disrupted traditional finance, and NFTs have disrupted the traditional art market. We are building a solution to service this niche at scale. For more information, visit

What is E11EVEN Crypto?

E11EVEN Miami is a major force in the blockchain world and made history in April 2021 when it became the first major nightclub in the world to accept cryptocurrency as a method of payment. The nightclub has since processed more than $5 million in crypto transactions. Its 11 Captain’s Club is an Ethereum-based club membership NFT collection that gives holders access to the world's most prestigious Ultraclub.

“Our team at Europa is focused on bridging the gap between the digital and physical worlds and there is no better place to bring that vision to live than E11EVEN Miami,” said Greg Norman Jr., Cofounder and CEO at Europa Labs. “Miami is a massive force in the Web3 world and E11EVEN Miami is setting the scene within the community. What E11EVEN Miami has done for ultra clubs has been transformative and inspiring and I have no doubt that they will achieve the same renown in the digital world.


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