Introducing Fundlab: Matching Exceptional Teams To Ideal Investors

The startup ecosystem functions as a dynamic arena where securing vital investments transcends brilliant ideas. The fundraising process embodies a long and intricate journey, where each strategic step wields the power to craft a narrative of either triumph or setback.

In the world of Web3, this nuanced phase takes on an additional layer of complexity. Here, the quest for funding navigates a rapidly shifting landscape, where fresh verticals and players are introduced in a continuous flow, striving to secure resources. Concurrently, Venture Capitalists (VCs) exhibit unwavering persistence in their pursuit for the most exceptional opportunities among the burgeoning ventures that populate this expansive domain.

The complex path to Web3 funding

A recurring scenario comes into focus: even with revolutionary ideas and untapped potential, numerous promising startups encounter hurdles in raising funds.

The landscape distinctly portrays an evident imbalance—a multitude of startups are fervently pursuing investments, while a limited group of investors stands poised to translate their visions into reality.

This discrepancy underscores significant challenges that span both ends of the spectrum:

  • Projects expend considerable time and energy to engage established VCs, aiming to distinguish themselves in a sea of emerging concepts. Often, these efforts lead to cold emails that strive to break through the noise and secure a moment of attention.

  • Conversely, investors are faced not only with the task of sifting through a myriad of burgeoning ventures to uncover genuine opportunities, but also with the requirement to identify those that seamlessly resonate with their distinct investment strategy.

These inefficiencies underscore the urgency for transformation— a solution that can effectively streamline the intricate matchmaking process between projects and investors. This solution is geared towards ensuring that game-changing ideas are not just tucked away as hidden gems, but rather emerge into the spotlight where they can shine.

And this is where Blocklogica Labs steps in.

Enter Fundlab: connections that propel excellence

Crafted by an experienced team of pioneers in the industry, Fundlab leverages their firsthand knowledge to present the ultimate solution for tackling these challenges, propelling the Web3 space to new heights.

Drawing from direct market insights - coming from a background in prominent entities like Polygon Labs, Balancer, MakerDAO, Bankless DAO, The Graph, and a vast network of VCs and accelerators in the space - our team identified that the key to a successful fundraising journey is the perfect alignment between investors and startups, where shared objectives and visions converge.

This realization drove us to devise an innovative approach, serving as the definitive nexus where projects of every stage and size and discerning investors seamlessly come together.

Our expansive network boasts over 200 VCs and more than 10 associates, each contributing established connections to a multitude of Web3 projects... And this number continues to grow.

What sets Fundlab apart is the capacity to reshape a complex maze into a well-structured pathway for connections, enabling exceptional projects to find their ideal investors with precision and ease.

Here is how.

Fundlab's building blocks: crafting the perfect match

Fundlab operates within a meticulously structured framework, offering distinct entry points tailored for both investors and projects in every step of their fundraising journey.

For both sides, we offer two distinctive approaches:

  • Matchmaking and database entry: every project, regardless of its developmental stage, has the opportunity to join our curated database, thereby exposing themselves to a wide spectrum of potential backers. It is important to note that anyone can apply, but only selected projects will be included in this list. Simultaneously, VCs and angel investors can join our continually expanding network, granting them access to a tailored and personalized deal flow.

  • Fundraising Consultancy: projects seeking expert guidance in optimizing their fundraising strategies can access specialized consultancy services. Our top-tier team will guide them throughout every step of the process, guaranteeing their preparedness through dedicated one-on-one advisory, encompassing:

Multiple Steps, one mission: catalyzing success

For projects, the journey begins with an application that signals the start of meticulous due diligence. This initiates a careful evaluation where our experts assess each project's potential based on predefined criteria. A rigorous screening process to ensure that only the most promising projects are presented to investors, saving both parties valuable time and effort. Whereas this process highlights a low score - meaning that the project might not be set for fundraising but still has potential - founders have the opportunity to smoothly move into our dedicated fundraising consultancy program, to improve their chances of success.

For VCs seeking to broaden their horizons and expand their portfolio, FundLab curates a stream of investment opportunities that align seamlessly with their criteria. No longer do they need to navigate the labyrinth of possibilities; FundLab brings forth projects that have undergone stringent due diligence, and are aligned with each investor’s strategy, thanks to the comprehensive data collected throughout the form, ensuring a higher likelihood of promising returns.

Essential Highlights

To sum up, Fundlab operates through three interconnected stages, each meticulously tailored to nurture meaningful connections and drive sustainable growth:

Before Fundraising: after filling the formprojects undergo meticulous due diligence and assessment, receiving valuable insights and recommendations to refine their readiness for the fundraising journey.

Fundraising: selected projects are smoothly incorporated and positioned within our database and deal flow. This resource is then distributed among our network of associates, angel investors, and well-established VCs, greatly magnifying their exposure and prominence. Importantly, our service operates on a success fee basis only, with no additional charges. Should a suitable connection be established, Blocklogica Labs will apply a success fee, which varies between 2.5% and 7% of the total amount raised. This percentage hinges on a variety of considerations, including the nature of the project, VC involvement, ticket size, stage of development, and more."

After Fundraising: beyond matchmaking, Blocklogica Labs extends its unwavering support, offering projects selected by investors a seamless transition to our renowned Growlab program, guiding them through the intricate landscape of post-fundraising challenges.

In a world where startups and investors often struggle to connect, FundLab emerges as an opportunity beacon.

Ready to enhance your success rate?

Join our exclusive network, where exceptional teams and ideal investors converge, fostering innovation and growth!

About Blocklogica Labs

Founded in 2022, Blocklogica Labs is the ultimate Web3 Strategy Hub propelling disruptive start-ups and visionary investors towards boosted success rate.

Our mission is to guide businesses of all sizes, stages, and backgrounds towards long-term achievements. We leverage our exceptional team and vast network to provide customized and hands-on solutions to unleash their full potential, shaping together the new decentralized era.

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