QuickNode x Blocklogica Labs: A Credit Program to Foster Web3 Innovation

In the rapidly evolving crypto landscape, the right partnerships are key to driving innovation and success. Today, we’re beyond excited to announce our groundbreaking strategic alliance with leading blockchain infrastructure platform QuickNode!

This collaboration is set to bolster the technological foundations of projects within our ecosystem, enabling them to develop dApps with enhanced speed, reliability, and scalability.

About QuickNode: Powering Tomorrow's Web3 Applications

Since its inception in 2017, QuickNode has emerged as a premier player in Web3 developer tools, known for its unparalleled performance in running cutting-edge applications and serving a customer base of trusted industry leaders across Web2 and Web3. In an era dominated by multichain and cross-chain functionalities, QuickNode sets itself apart with a highly comprehensive and fully customizable suite of services.

From IPFS and NFT/Token APIs to QuickAlerts and a developer-focused app store, QuickNode equips teams of all sizes with a lightning-fast global API, access to more than 29 chains and 35+ networks, a plethora of high-leverage tools, and expert support designed to elevate, enhance, and expand the potential of applications leveraging their global node network.

A comprehensive blockchain developer platform, delivering tailored support for Web3 startups of all sizes and stages… Do we really need to explain what brought us to this collaboration?

QuickNode x Blocklogica Labs

In QuickNode's new pricing plans, usage is measured in API credits, which are valued based on the intensity of their impact on the platform and vary due to a number of complex factors.

With our groundbreaking collaboration, all projects within the Blocklogica ecosystem will gain access to free QuickNode credits and architecture support from the QuickNode ecosystem team. This arrangement allows founders to concentrate on refining their products and services rather than on the underlying technical complexities, streamlining their efforts towards innovation.

Furthermore, QuickNode's suite of development tools provides our projects with the means to analyze and understand their performance and user interactions in real-time. This versatility ensures that projects enrolled in our programs and consultancy services can easily adapt and flourish on various chains, including Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Berachain, and more.

This alliance perfectly embodies our commitment to equipping projects with world-class infrastructure, creating an environment where innovation is not just encouraged but expected.

Moreover, it aligns with our mission to support and expedite the growth of projects, ensuring they are well-prepared for today's challenges and poised for tomorrow's innovations.

As we embark on this new chapter, we're eager to witness how our projects will leverage QuickNode's exceptional resources to reach unprecedented heights!

About Blocklogica Labs

Founded in 2022, Blocklogica Labs is the ultimate Web3 Strategy Hub propelling disruptive start-ups and visionary investors towards boosted success rate.

Our mission is to guide businesses of all sizes, stages, and backgrounds towards long-term achievements. We leverage our exceptional team and vast network to provide customized and hands-on solutions to unleash their full potential, shaping together the new decentralized era.

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