Omniscia x GrowLab: Streamlining Security for Project Success

In the realm of Web3, collaboration and innovation are the catalysts of success.

Today, we’re excited to kick-off a series of strategic alliances aimed at elevating GrowLab, our modular program crafted to propel promising projects towards thriving fundraising and enduring achievements.

Our debut collaboration features Omniscia, one of the leading security audit firms in the industry. Their extensive expertise exemplifies the kind of excellence we're bringing to GrowLab.

These partnerships set a gold standard, ensuring each project in the program has access to the necessary resources to thrive in the industry, and establishing GrowLab as the one-stop hub for enhanced performance and unwavering quality.

About Omniscia

With a seasoned decentralized team of highly skilled Web3 security engineers and researchers, Omniscia stands as a first-class security firm, deeply immersed in the realms of security audits, code optimization, and collaborative development.

Their extensive expertise includes securing and optimizing complex smart contracts and blockchain networks. Notably, they have audited over 240 projects, encompassing high-profile clients from the Web3 industry and beyond, such as Gnosis chain, Olympus DAO,, L'Oreal, and many more. They have safeguarded assets worth $65 billion and identified and resolved over 950 high-severity issues.

Omniscia x GrowLab

At Blocklogica Labs, our mission is to empower visionary founders in their quest to success. The GrowLab program has been meticulously designed to address the intricate challenges that Web3 startups encounter. It's a tailor-made, modular approach that accommodates the specific needs of every project, regardless of their developmental stage.

With this goal in mind, we've gathered a consortium of top-tier service providers in the industry, offering the best possible deals to our projects. Security is a critical aspect of this mission, and that's where Omniscia comes into play.

Starting today, participants in GrowLab will have access to a generous 20% discount on Omniscia's top-tier auditing services, providing an exceptional opportunity to enhance their security while optimizing costs. Additionally, they will receive priority onboarding, which expedites the auditing process and enables them to focus more on growth and innovation, all with the assurance of top-notch security measures

Learn more about GrowLab and Omniscia’s security services.

About Blocklogica Labs

Founded in 2022, Blocklogica Labs is the ultimate Web3 Strategy Hub propelling disruptive start-ups and visionary investors towards boosted success rate.

Our mission is to guide businesses of all sizes, stages, and backgrounds towards long-term achievements. We leverage our exceptional team and vast network to provide customized and hands-on solutions to unleash their full potential, shaping together the new decentralized era.

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