Chainsight x GrowLab: Empowering Web3 Projects with Composable Data Excellence

We're amped to announce Chainsight as a new strategic partner within Growlab!

Beginning today, GrowLab participants will enjoy seamless access to Chainsight’s expert support and discounted subscriptions to their premier data solutions. This collaboration provides crucial resources and insights, aiding in navigating the Web3 space with sophisticated development and analytical tools.

About Chainsight

At its core, Chainsight leverages cutting-edge technology to demystify the complex world of blockchain data. Their platform serves as a critical bridge, connecting projects with essential information for informed decision-making, optimizing operations, and delivering unmatched user experiences via a composable oracle network.

By bundling the functionalities of indexers, oracles, and interoperability solutions, Chainsight represents the epitome of efficiency and reliability in the Web3 data space, providing a data processing layer that utilizes historical, UI real-time, and cross-chain data,  to develop applications that go one step ahead. Snapshot Indexer and Event Indexer components handle collection of data from smart contract events, view functions, and off-chain sources, while the Relayer component handles writing data to any destination chain. With Chainsight, on-chain applications will be able to address more use cases that were previously difficult to achieve.

Chainsight x GrowLab

Chainsight’s collaboration with GrowLab extends beyond mere tools, providing a foundation for building more robust, secure, and user-centric projects.

Specifically, projects enrolled in Growlab will benefit from:

  • Discounted access to Chainsight’s subscription tiers: GrowLab participants can harness the full power of Chainsight’s data solutions at favorable prices, allowing them to scale and innovate with greater ease.

  • Tailored technical workshops: Chainsight will host workshops focusing on pivotal areas such as DeFi, data analytics, and blockchain interoperability, equipping founders with the knowledge to navigate the complex Web3 ecosystem confidently.

  • Dedicated development support: For projects needing bespoke development or integration, Chainsight's dedicated account management and technical support ensure GrowLab participants have the guidance to overcome any challenges.

In Web3, access to accurate and actionable data is not just a luxury, it's a necessity. This partnership not only elevates the operational capacity of individual projects but also strengthens the entire Web3 ecosystem, fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making and innovation.

Learn more about GrowLab and Chainsight.

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