GrowLab — SKALE Edition: Define your Success, Achieve it professionally!

We are excited to announce the launch of our first chain-exclusive incubation cohort in partnership with the SKALE network.

In Blocklogica, our main mission and goal has always been helping innovative builders to benefit from the right expertise and knowledge, in addition to connections and proper environment to shine; and in this new cohort, we are aiming to do this mission through GrowLab Program, for the projects building on top of SKALE, an innovative network with numerous benefits and values facilitating the development of visionary projects.

About Blocklogica

Founded in 2022, Blocklogica is a Dubai-based incubator and fundraising hub helping innovative talented founders, and visionary investors, towards boosted success rates. Blocklogica consists of an experienced team of advisors with 7+ years of experience in the industry, who have taken part in building the first generation of web3 market leaders, and now are here to utilize their experience and exposure to help grow the new generation of web3 pioneers.

Along with Blocklogica stands a hand-picked team of +30 partners, including tier1 service providers, investors, and entities which have come together to bring maximized value for the projects passing the GrowLab program.

About SKALE Network

SKALE is a unique modular gas-free network, enabling an invisible seamless blockchain experience for the builders and users. SKALE provides numerous remarkable benefits and features, making it a perfect infrastructure for DeFi, Gaming, AI, NFTs, DePin, DAOs, De-commerce, and other Web3-powered projects. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Zero Gas Fees!

  • Instant Finality and Zero MEV

  • Modular Architecture

  • Ethereum Native

  • On-Chain File Storage

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Shared Security

  • Built-in Game Development tools

  • Modular AI Execution Layer

In addition to the impressive technical support, SKALE offers an Innovative Grant Program, supporting the builders even further.

The SKALE team stated: “The SKALE Labs team is excited about this opportunity for projects that have chosen to build on the SKALE Network. The comprehensive program outlined by GrowLab will give dApps building on SKALE the opportunity to receive best-in-class support on all aspects of creating a sustainable application that will obtain mass adoption.”

What is the GrowLab Program?

GrowLab is a comprehensive modular incubation program, customized and tailored for the needs of different Web3 projects. Please read this page to understand the flow and details of this program easily and find out how a “Customizable, 360-degree, Hands-on” incubation program can change the game for a high-potential web3 project.

GrowLab is conducted online, consisting of 8 main steps:

  1. Application

  2. Selection

  3. Deep Analysis and Preparation of the tailored action plan (tailored separately for each project)

  4. Founder Edits (The project’s team to make their desired edits on the action plan)

  5. 3 months of exclusive advisory sessions (33+ hours for each project)

  6. Perks and Credits from Partners unlocked

  7. Demo days and Fundraising Support

  8. Closing Report and ongoing network Support

GrowLab focuses on different angles including:

  • Fundraising

  • Legal Structure

  • Technical Design and Architecture

  • Product Optimization

  • Business Development Strategy and Partnerships

  • Branding, Marketing, and GTM Strategy

  • Token Launch and TGE (Strategies, Listings, Launchpads, Initial Offerings, etc.)

  • Whitepaper and Tokenomics

  • Pitch Deck and Data Room

  • Growth and Community

Read more here.

The SKALE team describes the benefits of GrowLab this way: “SKALE projects will receive a tailored action plan that will guide them on the roadmap to accelerated success. This kind of support is invaluable to an ecosystem as the margins for success are so fine that the expertise provided by GrowLab will greatly strengthen the chances for mass adoption for the projects involved in the program. The level of detail that the GrowLab program will provide to projects on SKALE will guide projects to make the right decisions to thrive as a business.”

SKALE and Blocklogica partnership

We believe that the technical benefits and innovations of the SKALE network, in addition to the support coming from the SKALE team, facilitate the path for builders to develop and create cutting-edge products in different sectors of the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry, including DeFi, NFTs, Gaming, AI, and much more. GrowLab is now here to bring additional value to the SKALE-powered projects and support them from the Business perspective.

Regarding this partnership, the SKALE team believes: “It is not simple enough to just build a great application. In a crowded and emerging industry, one must excel in all matters of a business. The GrowLab program is tailored to provide advisory services that boost results in functions ranging from Product, Marketing, Fundraising, Partnerships, and so much more makes it a no brainer to partner with SKALE.”

We encourage all the founders and builders who want to polish their projects on SKALE from different aspects and maximize their results to join this program and experience measurable value, support, and guidance, exclusively based on their needs.

Ready to unleash your full potential building on SKALE Network? Apply here!

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