Threat Hunting in Web3, with Blockmage Labs - May 6th, 2023

Quick preface

If you aren’t familiar with us or haven’t heard about us before, Blockmage Labs is an organization providing superior Threat Intelligence & Brand Protection services to premier projects, businesses, and communities across Web3.

Our work is largely unpublished, but perhaps we will change that detail starting here.

Intent & purpose of this writeup

  • Wholly for the purposes of documenting findings in a historical, on-chain fashion; and for that matter, we are working on something a bit more …. intimate for this.

  • Specifically for reference in anything we may claim publicly on Etherscan or in any other publicly-disclosed fashion. Decentralization is fantastic but indexing is vital.

  • Meant to spark discussion, engagement, and further curiosity from other, fellow researchers and quiet wayfarers of all things Rabbit Hole : Blockchain.

What this isn’t & other disclaimers

  • We are not intent on being exhaustive in this format, and the information provided at our discretion may be largely incomplete inasmuch as detail or substantial contextual information.

  • At times we may provide no context whatsoever, largely due to the sensitivity of our methodologies and how we may inadvertently reveal information which could be helpful in escaping our process.

  • We hope to be helpful, but we are not flawless, and may be inaccurate or incorrect at times.

The TL;DR of what we are getting at here is effectively: DYOR, or contact us directly if you require supporting evidence outside the scope of these editions. We are practically inundated with answers, if you have questions, and we will gladly trade our currencies of valuable time for mortal monies (cryptocurrencies, obviously).

Our website: / .dev


  • Feel free (and encouraged) to reference this article.

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