P2E Games: why it's so boring and two rules to strike gold in P2E game building.


Some might know who we are, and some won't. So I will start with a brief introduction to our DAVA project. What we have built, how far along are we, our philosophies, and the direction we are going.

DAVA project: the Genesis

So, in the beginning, the DAVA project started as an on-chain, fully customizable avatar NFT project. Foremost, we created a protocol that enables a base NFT, DAVA humanoids, to wear other validated NFTs, one of which is the DAVA wearables collection. The protocol is fully functioning on Polygon. As a result, DAVA holders can use DAVA avatars just like in real life: you buy clothes, equip them, and express who you are, anywhere, anytime.

DAVA: on-chain, fully customizable avatar NFT project, on Polygon
DAVA: on-chain, fully customizable avatar NFT project, on Polygon

DAVA project: the Thinker of Utility

Using our outstanding technical advantages, we were constantly questioning the ''utility'' of an NFT. Some might say it's to show your social status passively, and others say membership to enter an exclusive community. I agree in most parts, but we, as project builders, felt the need to find something more exciting; Something that tingles your stomach as a crypto investor; Something that can change the world. A grand mission that we, as project builders, can devote our lives to build.

DAVA project: the Birth of DAVA Game

So long story short, we concluded that we needed an enjoyable virtual world that allows network effects to kick in. Hence, we decided to build a game protocol where validated and non-validated NFTs can permissionlessly enter and leave seamlessly. A virtual world with a working economy that functions. People would freely conduct social activities through the interface of a game and get economic rewards by adding the network value.

Game protocol where validated and non-validated NFTs can enter, seamlessly
Game protocol where validated and non-validated NFTs can enter, seamlessly

Our closed beta is going to launch in September. A few weeks from now, around the Korean Blockchain Week, we will release a lot of exciting information about our game. Follow us on Twitter and discord for more details. You can always hit me up on Twitter; I go by Blocksage or Jimmy.

Why P2E games are so boring and the future of the DAVA game.

I think the question drills down to one answer. It is effortless to adapt ill-designed tokenomics to P2E games. Previously, anyone would build a shitty game in a new Layer 1 chain and throw in some tokens to solve the ''cold start problem.'' But, then, BAMM; the founders, are millionaires. So regardless of the team's intentions, it was against the builder's incentive to build a thoroughly thought out, appropriate P2E game that is fun.

A famous quote, "people get the government they deserve," also applies to the crypto market. Likewise, web3 consumers get the builders they deserve. I genuinely believe that the tipping point for the moment when P2E games become fun is inevitable. This moment will only happen when all of you agree that a game's network value solely depends on how much ''fun'' the game provides, excluding the fun of earning.

So this in mind, our closed beta's sole purpose is to test our game's ''funness.'' Players can play our game with or without any web3 wallets. DAVA holders and non-holders will have no in-game unfairness, yet DAVA holders will financially benefit as our game increases its network value. For my gamer audiences, the game will be rouge-like with deck-building strategies.

So then, how can you build a well-designed tokenomics for P2E games?

This is a long topic, so let me elaborate in a separate blog. But our first two rules of them are following:

  1. Passive participants (NFT owners) should increase the value of the network by providing some utility to the active participants. Financial benefit should come depending on the value it provides.
  2. The tokens obtained by active participants should be directly related to increasing the value of the network. Simply grinding time does not apply.

With the two rules above applied to a simple game, you will strike gold just like that.

Is there any effort in marketing/ongoing development to attract more active users and increase user stickiness?

Our current short-term primary mission is to build a fun blockchain game. All our development resources are used to create a sustainable blockchain game. Our marketing campaigns will kick off after the Korean blockchain week with detailed tokenomics, whitepaper, and new revamped landing pages.

Are there any partnerships you are looking for, and what kind of standard do you guys have?

We are looking for partners, advisors, and supporters who agree and empathize with our core values: games should be fun, and P2E tokenomics should value individuals who put value into the network. Ways of collaboration are almost infinite, and we are open. Feel free to contact me or the DAVA project.

Do you want to talk more about this topic?

Are you interested in DAVA and what we are building? Do you feel resonance with our vision and philosophies? Check out and reach me on Twitter. I would love to hear your opinions.

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