A Digital Collectible Experiment

Today, we are starting a fun digital collectible experiment—a game-like, Web3 social app called Blocktizen.

Blocktizen is simple, easy and fun.

Why Blocktizen?

Collecting digital collectibles is more than just “owning” NFTs on the blockchain. It is about connecting with people of shared interests, values and identities.

With Blocktizen, we want to make digital collectibles approachable, accessible and enjoyable to all.

We believe that digital collectibles or NFTs have the power to bring people and communities closer together in a world where technology often separates us.

A new experience

With Blocktizen, we are bringing a whole new personalized and social experiences to the world of digital collectibles—a new way for people to collect and engage with digital assets.

We want people from all ages to be able to enjoy collecting digital collectibles that are useful and personal to them.

Through digital collectibles, we want to create lifetime memories that bring joy and happiness.


We love pixel art, do you?

There are collectible PFPs and there will be seasonal, exclusive and personalized collectible items.

It’s going to be $FUN and no, it’s not play-to-earn.

Join the fun

To become a Blocktizen and be part of the Blocktizen ecosystem, you must first create and mint your Blocktizen avatar.

Please follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay updated as we will be releasing Blocktizen avatar in the coming weeks.

Come for the fun, stay for the memories!

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