Welcome to BlueSweep
August 17th, 2022

Hi everyone, welcome to BlueSweep.

TLDR: BlueSweep is an NFT marketplace aggregator focused on Layer 2 scaling solutions with fast user experience and gas saving.

Today we just launch BlueSweep on Optimism network. Which support 3 collections at launch including Apetimism, Optipunks and motorheadz.

To have more collections, please send us here


✨ Highlight Feature ✨

Sweep 10 NFTs with 69% gas saving
Sweep 10 NFTs with 69% gas saving
  • Sweep up to 36 NFTs at once.
  • 76% gas saving, thanks to our data compression technique that reduces data bytes when posting to Layer-1 (Ethereum).
Successfully swept 2 items
Successfully swept 2 items

😀 Feedback 😀

As we're currently in the Beta phase, any feedback is very welcome. Feel free to tweet or direct message to us on twitter 😀.

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