Introducing DAOvertise v0: The Underground Toolkit for Narrative Crafting

Hey there, degens. We're rolling out DAOvertise on BASE L2, our based, DAO-powered coordination tool. It's not your usual influencer Marketing platform. Think of it as your digital psyop as a service platform, where narratives are crafted and ideas are pushed unapologetically.

Once you setup a profile and connect your twitter (Read only don’t worry), and you're ready to make and receive offers to post content for ETH. Agree on a deal, post the content, and get paid. It's that simple.

Currently, You get to keep 95% of the deal amount. goes directly to your wallet too. no shit token. you’ll get ETH (or the network token like SOL). plus points too, because who doesn’t like points. Sign up here for early access

As simple as Tinder, even the smoothest brained ape can use it.
As simple as Tinder, even the smoothest brained ape can use it.

Cutting Through the Noise

The Art of Narrative Crafting

  • Narratives, Not just Campaigns: Forget traditional campaigns. We're talking about crafting compelling narratives that grip audiences. all campaigns can be rephrased to suit the creators tone, while maintaining the same context and alignment with the campaign, Deals are verified by an AI and attested on chain.

  • Shillers, Not Creators: You're not just creating; you're shilling. You're the voice that turns narratives into movements. You are what you shill tho, so shill responsibly and get paid in cold hard ETH.

Psyop Precision

  • Strategic Messaging: Using GPT models, we ensure your narrative hits hard and sticks. It's all about context and sentiment, we also integrated an AI assistant to help you phrase your posts.
Validate before you post it, get 50% or more on all metrics. Add a personal touch to the shill. own it.
Validate before you post it, get 50% or more on all metrics. Add a personal touch to the shill. own it.

Daovertise MVP: The Bare Essentials

PsyOp creators Flow

  • Rapid Narrative Creation: Set up your narrative fast and setup a budget for it. these narratives will be displayed to creators who vibe with it.

  • Target the Willing: Reach out to Shillers who get your vibe and can push your narrative to the right bag holders.

Campaign view , Creators view, My Offers view
Campaign view , Creators view, My Offers view

For Shillers

  • Unleash Your Influence: Forget pleasing algorithms. You know your ppl. Take the narrative and run with it. Don’t be a sellout, Karma is a bitch.

  • No Write access, you’re 100% in control: We don’t post on your behalf, ensuring you approve of every post on your page

  • Transparent Gains: We value blockchain transparency. Enjoy quick, clear payouts for your shilling expertise. All deals are visible on your profile.

Apustaja AI is here to help you get paid
Apustaja AI is here to help you get paid

The Road Ahead for DAOvertise

  • Constant Evolution: This MVP is ready but duct taped together, so proceed with caution. We're here to adapt, disrupt, and evolve based on how you use it.

  • Expanding Formats and Platforms: We're working on incorporating various content formats and platforms.

  • Expanding the Arsenal: Your feedback is invaluable. We aim to continuously improve our tools. the AI assistant will also take your feedback or bug reports, let us know what you think.

  • Meme Aware AI: Our upcoming image recognition AI setup will extend our capabilities to include meme verification.

  • ZK enabled Marketplace: Expect the same great experience with enhanced privacy and more cost-effective bulk deals.

DAOvertise represents our first step towards revolutionizing influencer marketing. We're thrilled to see how it evolves and hope you'll join us in this journey.

Interested? Sign up for early access here



Q: Fees?

A: 5% from the creator, 5% from the buyer. 10% total. buyer fees are not part of the notional value of the deal. so the creator gets 95% of the deal value.

Q: Why do I have to pay a fee as a creator to earn money?

A: The 5% minting fee serves as an incentive for creators to honour their commitments. This fee is non-refundable to encourage follow-through. Campaign creators also lock in funds upon deal acceptance, which they can reclaim after 3 days if the creator fails to post.

Q: I changed my mind and don't want to post the content I agreed to. Can I cancel?

A: Once a deal is confirmed and recorded on-chain, it cannot be canceled. This policy ensures reliability and commitment from all parties involved. you don't have to post it tho, but you aren't getting back that 5% minter fee.

Q: Can I pay in ERC20 tokens or other cryptocurrencies?

A: No, we only accept ETH or whichever network we deploy on. for example if we deployed on polygon, we’ll take MATIC , or solana, we’ll take SOL. you get it.

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