Pie Analyzoor Competition: Round 1!

Announcing Pie Analyzoor Competition: Round 1!

🥧📊 Get ready, Layer 2 analysts and data savvies! It’s growthepie’s birthday week, so we decided to do a proper celebration.

Pie Analyzoor Competition: Round 1 is on! It's time to dive into the first round of our exciting competition, designed to recognize and reward your analytical skills and your efforts in spreading the word about the Ethereum ecosystem and analysis found on our platform growthepie.xyz

Here’s all you need to know about the competition and how you can make your mark.

🗓 Competition Dates

Round 1 Duration: Two weeks from May 28th to June 11th, 1PM (UTC).

📝 How to Enter

To join the competition, simply complete the registration requirements on guild.xyz. This form is your ticket into the competition, so make sure it's filled out accurately!

Complete the registration requirements on https://guild.xyz/growthepie/pie-analyzoor-1 and get the role and the form.

The form that you get as a reward is your ticket to the competition, so make sure it's filled out accurately!

Registration with an invalid link to their first Cast on our Channel will be rejected.

🏆 How Winners Are Chosen

Points make prizes! Here’s how you can rack them up:

  • 100 points are awarded for each post you make.

  • An additional 200 bonus points are possible for high-quality content that informs and impresses.

What Counts as Quality Content?

  • Posts incorporating multiple screenshots of our metrics, showing their interconnections for deeper insights.

  • Insightful, concise descriptions that enhance the screenshots.

  • Exploring interesting use cases of our platform, illustrating its practical benefits.

  • Creating a coherent narrative that ties all your data and insights together.

What’s Not Judged?

  • Forget likes and shares! They usually undermine the efforts of less-known analysts and hard work that is put into the content. We’re focusing solely on the quality and insightfulness of your content, not its popularity.

  • If we deem a submission to be too similar to other public submissions before, it will not be counted.

What are the rewards?

  • Top 3 Contributors: Exclusive Layer 2 Analyzoor merch designed by growthepie.

  • All Participants: A special POAP (Proof of Attendance), useful for future rounds and exclusive rewards.

😱 Having problems signing up?

Simply write to us on any of our socials or cast it on the channel; possible issues are:

  • Connecting Farcaster to Guild: If you can’t get the Farcaster requirements fulfilled, it is most probably because your Farcaster Account is not linked to Guild. Go to the Warpcast App and in “Settings” under “Verified Addresses” add the wallet address that is connected to your Guild.

Keep your eyes peeled 👀 and your analytics sharp! This is your chance to shine in the Layer 2 space and snag some sweet swag while you’re at it. Can't wait to see what you all come up with.

Happy analyzing! 🚀🥧

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