Our mission is to add 10 billion years of healthy life to the planet

The human story is one of incredible resilience - in just the last century, our average lifespans have more than doubled globally. Much of this progress can be attributed to the modern health ecosystem which has accomplished feats like eradicating smallpox through vaccination and providing global access to antibiotics.

Life expectancy over the last 200 years - Our World In Data
Life expectancy over the last 200 years - Our World In Data

Today, we face a different set of challenges. Namely, the four horsemen of chronic disease:

  1. Atherosclerotic disease → comprised of cardiovascular disease and cerebrovascular disease

  2. Cancer

  3. Neurodegenerative disease → Alzheimer’s disease being the most common

  4. “Foundational disease” → a spectrum of everything from insulin resistance to fatty liver disease to type 2 diabetes

    - Peter Attia, M.D from Stanford, physician focusing on the applied science of longevity

These combined cause 80% of the deaths in people above 50 (who do not smoke), far outpacing smallpox and other infectious diseases as the major killers.

These conditions are also fundamentally different than their predecessors, and cannot be easily solved with the existing set of reactive health tools. They are slow acting, degrade individual liberty, and cause a massive amount of suffering for both the victim and their loved ones.

We believe in taking back responsibility and ownership for our personal well-being.

In parallel with the rise of humanity’s new challenges, we are also seeing cracks in our traditional healthcare system through high insulin costs and hospitals profiteering off of health data.

Healthcare also has a notorious coordination problem. We live in a time where Amazon knows exactly what we want but our hospitals still ask us what drug allergies we have. Despite these forthcomings, we continue to blindly trust our institutions and hand over complete responsibility for our well-being to states and corporations alike.

Thankfully, the trajectory of biotechnology in the 2020s is analogous to computing in the 1960s, improving in leaps and bounds, year on year. The reduction in costs of genetic tests is outpacing Moore’s law, there are new innovations in synthetic biology and many fascinating ideas at the intersection of artificial intelligence and bio-monitoring tools.

Genetic tests are outpacing Moore's Law - NIH
Genetic tests are outpacing Moore's Law - NIH

We believe in longevity being the final frontier for humanity.

If the promises of 21st century biotech, end up under a similar centralized paradigm, the impacts on social inequality would be catastrophic.

We have always preached, prevention is better than a cure, and with these new technologies we are closer than ever to being able to put that into practice. The current healthcare system is designed to mitigate suffering after an issue is found, a preventive and proactive healthcare system seeks to eliminate suffering altogether.

Preventive healthcare is about human flourishing, where health isn’t only about staying alive, it’s about being able to do the things that you enjoy doing for a long time.

The Happily Ever After mark - a lotus, the symbol of flourishing life
The Happily Ever After mark - a lotus, the symbol of flourishing life

We believe in universal preventive healthcare.

Happily Ever After is a decentralized community with a single purpose - to help people live longer, healthier and happier lives.

We are trans-humanists, longevity advocates, biohackers, medical researchers, college students and a plurality of other characters united by a common belief in the potential of human flourishing.

We want to build open-source health tools, products and services to unlock latent human potential.

We dream of a health ecosystem that is positive-sum, collaborative and community-owned.

For now, we are small. But the winds of biotechnology, artificial intelligence and web3 are already starting to blow, and we are setting our sails. Things will change, slowly at first, but then all at once.

Want to join us?

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