Launching the Mimo Blog on Mirror

In January 2021, we at Mimo started working on the first ever, fully decentralized euro stablecoin, $PAR. Our over-collateralized soft peg has maintained 99% consistency with the euro, seen well over 30,000 transactions, and with a daily volume of over $300k.

18 months later, and with stablecoins becoming more important than ever, we’re proud to be sharing more of the moves and integrations we’re making as a stablecoin issuance protocol to help shape truly stable pegs.

There are a lot of great DeFi resources out there. So, in the spirit of our diverse & fast-moving industry, everyone has a different spin, unique angle, and even some bias when it comes to the processes and tools we use.

We recognize that — although Medium is a platform many of the organizations and leaders in our industry are using — the true participants of DeFi, the implementers, and the investors that are going to build an ecosystem for hundreds of years, live on Mirror.

While we’re setting the stage for our Multisig DAO & while Mimo in its entirety becomes fully decentralized, we are placing the bet that building in public on Mirror will be the most efficient for the community.

We’ll still be on Medium & YouTube, publishing things less directly related to the protocol, general announcements, and tutorials.

What Comes Next

In addition to rundowns on the latest governance proposals, results, and contexts for how the protocol is being shaped, we’ll also be sharing more practical examples & tutorials on how you can best leverage Mimo, stablecoins, DeFi, and all the tools at our disposal for:

  • Sounder Money
  • Better, Sovereign Banking
  • Understanding the Risks of Stablecoins
  • Participating in Pools & High Yield Programs

Overall, you can expect more in-depth analysis on the protocol and all the governance that comes along with it.

How to Follow Along…

If you want to be part of the Mimo mission & participate in the future of sound, stable pegs, here are your steps to get started and integrate yourself in the ecosystem.

  1. If you haven’t already, navigate to and check out the whitepaper.
  2. Mint $PAR - the #1 over-collateralized euro-pegged stablecoin
  3. Follow along on Twitter @mimodefi
  4. Join the community in Telegram
  5. Join the governance discussions on Discord

If you have any questions or suggestions you can find us on any of the sites above. We’re looking forward to it & we hope you are too as we think you’re going to love what it about to come next.

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