Murphy Labs as Parallel Service Provider

Recently, Parallel's DAO approved MIP-27, marking a pivotal moment for the Parallel protocol's evolution. Now, in this article, we unveil Murphy Labs’ comprehensive roadmap and delve into the motivations driving our ambitious vision for the future of the Parallel Protocol.


Established in 2022, Murphy Labs swiftly garnered recognition as a dynamic force within the ecosystem. With a team of 11 dedicated enthusiasts, Murphy Labs has been instrumental in shaping the development of various DeFi protocols, most notably the Strateg Protocol. Today, Murphy Labs is poised to leverage its expertise and resources to breathe new life into the Parallel Protocol.

Now, with their sights set on Parallel Protocol, Murphy Labs is poised to leverage its expertise and resources to breathe new life into the project.

The Vision

At the heart of Murphy Labs' strategy lies a steadfast commitment to reigniting growth and innovation within the Parallel Protocol. With a clear vision for the future, Murphy Labs aims to bridge the gap that has emerged over the past two years, positioning Parallel Protocol as a beacon of excellence in DeFi. The overarching objective is to pave the way for the launch of Parallel V3 in 2025 while simultaneously revitalizing growth and momentum within the protocol.

The Roadmap

The roadmap provides a comprehensive blueprint for achieving the goal. Divided into quarterly milestones, the plan encompasses a spectrum of initiatives designed to drive adoption, enhance functionality, and foster ecosystem growth.

Non-exhaustive 2024 Parallel Roadmap
Non-exhaustive 2024 Parallel Roadmap

Q2 2024 (April - June)

  • Clear Pending Proposal Execution: Execute approved proposals to address technical limitations and pave the way for further development.

  • Parallel Soft Visual Rebranding: Modernize the visual identity of Parallel Protocol to reflect its evolution and maturity within the DeFi landscape.

Q3 2024 (July - September)

  • Parallel New Landing Page: Launch a revamped landing page to communicate Parallel Protocol's new ambitions effectively.

  • Parallel Updated dApp MVP: Introduce a beta version of the dApp with enhanced features, laying the foundation for further enhancements.

  • Parallel Bridging Module: Develop a secure bridging module to facilitate seamless token transfers between chains.

Q4 2024 (October - December)

  • Parallel Tokenomics Update: Overhaul the tokenomics of Parallel Protocol to align with user interests and protocol sustainability.

  • Parallel dApp Improvements: Implement additional features and enhancements to optimize user experience on the dApp.

  • Parallel V3 R&D: Initiate research and development efforts towards Parallel V3, laying the groundwork for its launch in 2025.

Commitment to Transparency

Central to Murphy Labs' ethos is a commitment to transparency and open-source development. All work conducted on behalf of Parallel Protocol will be transparent, open-source, and licensed by the protocol, ensuring accountability and fostering community trust.


As Murphy Labs embarks on this transformative journey, the DeFi community eagerly anticipates the realization of their vision for Parallel Protocol. With a strategic roadmap in place and a team of seasoned professionals at the helm, Murphy Labs is poised to propel Parallel Protocol to new heights of success, reaffirming its position as a trailblazer in the realm of decentralized finance.

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