Introducing The Network State Company

Our science and technology has leaped forward so much. We no longer pray to Gods for harvest, and we are now on our way to becoming multi-planetary. Yet, human potential is still restrained by ancient borders and geopolitical instabilities.

Now, imagine a prosperous society where talent and wealth flow freely. A world where bright individuals can shine, regardless of where they were born. That’s a future worth building.

To realize this vision, Baseflow and Nation3’s core team will be merging into a new entity: The Network State Company.

Baseflow helps sovereign individuals to acquire citizenships and residencies in the nations that treat them best.

Nation3 built a cloud nation and a crypto-native legal system, akin to a Special Economic Zone on the internet.

We believe that combining Baseflow’s short term goal of serving sovereign individuals, today, with Nation3’s Web3-native approach in building a new nation for them, tomorrow, is the way to build the future we imagined.

That’s why we are doubling down on our shared end goal: creating the network state.

We will continue to help sovereign individuals interface with the nations that treat them best, and ultimately help those nations and sovereign individuals create new city states to live and thrive.

When Baseflow came into my radar, I got really excited about their mission to serve sovereign individuals, today. Nation3’s vision has always been to build a network state for these sovereign individuals, tomorrow. Being able to tie such a vision together with a way to serve these individuals today is beyond exciting. I’m convinced it is the most solid plan towards creating new nations.— Luis Cuende, co-founder of The Network State Company.

I started Baseflow with the vision of enabling individuals to become sovereign — by helping them navigate traditional nation-states. But I've always been fascinated with the idea of the network state. After engaging with multiple projects in the space, I realized Luis, Uxío, and the rest of the core team at Nation3 were special. Their long-term vision matched perfectly with our short-term ambitions. It was like all the dots connected to start building the future together we believe in, at The Network State Company.— Alex Recouso, co-founder of The Network State Company.

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