Introducing Strateg.


The Murphy Labs team is pleased to introduce Strateg -- an omnichain social yield infrastructure.

The last few years have seen DeFi grow at a rapid pace, driven forward by major protocols and enabling users to benefit from permissionless and trustless on-chain financial services. This growth has been accompanied by a multitude of innovative protocols and forks that have made the DeFi ecosystem more and more complex while protocol security became an increasingly important concern.

The basic user and companies wishing to use DeFi, today face several problems to use and understand the interactions with these protocols, as well as to benefit from the major innovation that is composability.

How to manage easily its positions in a simple and secure way? How not to lose one's way through “the Dark Forest”? So many problems that were waiting for their solutions.

Finally, Strateg is here, like a lighthouse in the night that will illuminate and bring ease of use as well as optimization of returns for all, making DeFi more accessible and accelerating adoption by bringing together those who know and those who don't want to know.

An Omnichain Social Yield Infrastructure.

Strateg is a cutting-edge platform that is revolutionizing the way in which yield is generated within the DeFi ecosystem. Through an innovative omnichain infrastructure Strateg provides users with the ability to easily CREATE and implement complex yield strategies across multiple chains, while also facilitating the way to SHARE these strategies with their respective communities, users and clients.

Strateg offers a seamless experience for users to EARN profits through any protocol on any chain, making it easier than ever to their assets at work. Whether users are seeking to maximize their yields, minimize their risks or explore new opportunities in the DeFi space, Strateg provides the tools and infrastructure needed to achieve their objectives. By democratizing access to advanced yield strategies and leveraging the power of DeFi, Strateg is poised to transform the landscape and unlock new possibilities for investors and strategists alike.

create, share, earn.
create, share, earn.

Connecting Investors with Strategists.

One of the fascinating things about DeFi is the ability to interweave different protocols to create what are called complex strategies. Depositing an asset in a first protocol, then borrowing against this deposit and finally going to swap and deposit in a liquidity pool to finally generate a satisfactory yield are all complex actions that allow users to maximize their earning opportunities. These strategies will have more or less risks depending on the number of protocols used, their maturity in terms of code or the tools used for the active management of the strategy itself. It is therefore easy to get lost along the way or to make mistakes that can have serious consequences in terms of capital.

When we generalize, we see that two main types of profiles come to mind at this point:

An inexperienced DeFi user will quickly find hisself facing several issues that all users who want to dive deeper into the rabbit hole face. The research and updates to be done on the major protocols, knowing where to find the best yields, the new protocols that come out every day and make composability more complex, the risk management in fine, are all barriers that stand in front of the potential investor, whether he is retail or professional.

The analysis of all this data and the management of these positions have the effect of discouraging many new entrants and when one finally finds the strength to deal with it, one realizes that these are very time consuming tasks. Even those who have the necessary skills to fully understand DeFi are often put off by the amount of time they have to invest in this work of technology watch and monitoring of their positions.

Thus Strateg will allow this type of user to delegate all of these tasks so that they can devote themselves to other things while allowing them to expose themselves to DeFi by investing their funds in a non-custodial manner and taking into account their risk appetite.


On the other hand, there are the enthusiasts, experts, who welcome with interest every new feature brought to the DeFi and are delighted by the updates of their favorite protocols.

Very often, this gives rise to a large number of questions on how to do? How much to invest? Is it safe? All these reasons make the work of strategists a personal activity that could be more rewarding, both from a financial and a reputational point of view. They are often researchers, “DeFi degens” or professionals who will share on social networks (like Twitter, YouTube, Lens, etc.) to their community or to their entourage of investors, the fruit of their research and this, most of the time, for free.

Until today, there was no real way to monetize this knowledge and help, in a simple way, so that the passion is also synonymous with fair remuneration and allows these enthusiasts to live better from their work.

With Strateg, the meeting between those who have the expertise and those who are ready to share their gain in order to benefit from the strategists' expertise will create a win-win situation where the investment will be made in a controlled way, while remaining trustless and permisionless.


Create value for others and be paid for it.

Strategists monetize their research and competence by creating strategies that they share with their community. Depending on the performance of the strategy, they receive a performance fee called “creator fee”. This allows them to both monetize their time and knowledge while encouraging them to build the most efficient strategy possible for their community.

The use of Strateg, in addition to simplifying the user experience, reintroduces a dose of trust for investors because users can follow and invest in the strategies of a person or entity they know and whose skills and reputation are a guarantee of seriousness and quality without ever having to entrust them with their funds.

Strateg is aimed at those who master DeFi and its mechanisms but who are most of the time limited by the impossibility of knowing how to code these strategies or also the risk of having flaws in its code.

They finally find a way to share their knowledge while creating value for others and themselves. We also say, loud and clear, that some influencers and opinion leaders will finally have an honest way to pay themselves in relation to their community other than by Pump & Dump mechanisms.


In the middle of the yield battlefield.

With Strateg, the strategist will have the possibility to configure many parameters when deploying a strategy in order to fit with his community needs. This topic will be detailed in a future article in order to explain and understand the technical specificities we have chosen and how they will allow a wide range of different configurations.

Investing in strategies has never been so easy and the automation of a maximum of tasks in a decentralized way ensures that each investor has total control over his funds

Profits are shared between investors, strategists, protocol and automatic actions, which ensures a high level of decentralization.

In a future article, we will also detail Strateg's innovative tokenomics and how value is captured and then redistributed among all the players in the protocol.

Here is an example of value distribution for a strategy.

strategy revenues.
strategy revenues.

Wen Strateg ?

Strateg is the result of 9 months of research and development, we are super excited to finally introduce the community to what we have been building. The coming weeks are going to be full of juicy announcements so don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter , join our Discord and Telegram  community group and keep an eye on our webpage). Also you can participate in our Zealy’s quests and who knows what can happen to those who invest early in a protocol?

Additionally, we welcome any DeFi protocols interested in utilizing Strateg's capabilities to reach out to us to discuss the deployment of their protocol on our platform by filling this form.

We absolutely look forward to sharing our work with all and seeing what strategies will be implement with Strateg.

On your marks. Create, Share, Earn.

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