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Ever found that DeFi takes up too much of time? That investments take too much time to manage? How to make all those hours of reading whitepapers and testing protocols pay off? Fortunately strateg is here.

Strateg simplifies the user experience for DeFi investors, enables them to find the best opportunities, and rewards the expertise of strategists who help share the best approaches to DeFi protocols. Monetize knowledge with a nocode tool that helps find the best return opportunities, engage users in the best strategies, maximize return opportunities. Save time and earn more.

This is the promise Strateg makes to its users.

So, let's take a look at the whole integration of AAVE with Strateg and the different possibilities offered by this integration into strategies.


Aave is the biggest money market protocol, which allows to deposit crypto assets and earn returns by allowing them to be lent to other users or protocols.

Strateg offers to enhance this experience by automatically depositing funds on Aave from any token on any chain through the Strateg interface.

This way, strategists can easily access deep liquidity and create strategy integrating the Aave protocol in a few clicks.

The Strateg’s nocode creation tool helps the strategist to maximize the composability of DeFi. Nesting interactions within a protocol has never been so easy.

Borrow and Loan management

In an assumed desire for simplification, the integration and automation of Aave features is a game changer for all strategists and users of DeFi.

Each parameter is programmable at the discretion of the strategist (leverage, health factor interval, minimum deposit, etc.) so each strategists can let their imagination run wild and create complex strategies that include borrowing assets to maximize returns.

The use of loan management tools will automate the management and monitoring of these positions and allow users to avoid the risk of under-collateralization and liquidation intrinsic to all DeFi loans made on Aave.

Everything is managed automatically, both when the strategy is created and when a user decides to invest funds in this strategy.


In order to simplify the process, paying off debts is also an automated process that allows the user to exit a strategy including Aave in a simple and efficient way.

The strategist programs all the parameters of the strategy upstream, so the users don't have to worry about them. So, enter a strategy is as simple as it is to exit and the repayment of the loan is automated in any case.

This possibility given to the user assures him to control the invested funds and to be able at any time either to recover his assets or to invest them in a more profitable strategy if he wants.

Leverage strategies

Many strategies include what are called leverage loops. This is a very common process but requires constant position management.

Correlated asset loops need a little less monitoring but in the case of uncorrelated assets, this management quickly becomes a burden and a source of stress.

Automatic rebalancing of positions allows the user to not have to worry about market movements or potential depeg, while maximizing his yield and allowing him to remain serene about the liquidation risk inherent in this type of strategy. And of course as we have already mentioned previously, the user does not need to worry about it at any time. Strateg and the strategist have everything set up to maximize the return but also the comfort for each investor.

Aave anywhere, anytime

Thanks to the chain abstraction, Strateg users can invest their assets from any EVM blockchain to strategies deployed on another EVM blockchain.

The Strateg’s in-house swap module allows to invest in any favorite tokens or vaults with any token from any blockchain to any strategy wherever it is located. No need to worry about where the funds are located and on which blockchain the strategy targeted is located. Swapping, bridging, depositing and starting to generate yield, all with a single click, is one of the many implementations made available to users in order to simplify the UX as much as possible.

Swapping, bridging, depositing and starting to generate yield, all with a single click, is one of the many implementations made available to users in order to simplify the UX as much as possible.

Aave will be usable wherever the protocol is deployed and directly integrated with strategists who decide to deploy it into their strategy.

It has never been easier to integrate Aave into one's strategies and benefit from the liquidity and opportunities that this major protocol brings to any DeFi user.


Aave is the first protocol integration on Strateg.

This integration is one of the building blocks that will allow strategists to let their imagination run wild and ultimately maximize the composability offered by DeFi.

The Murphy Labs team behind the creation of Strateg is grateful to have received a grant from DAO Aavegrants, and this first Lego is just the first building block of an infrastructure that has yet to surprise.

Strateg. — An Omnichain Social Yield Infrastructure.

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