Patricia Hurducas
February 24th, 2022

Where is home? 

Berlin, Istanbul, Goldau, Provence, Transylvania.

A moving train.

Dinner with loved ones.

Where is home?

A window seat on a train, profoundly. London, practically. Iran, ancestrally.

What is the most beautiful object you own (or have owned)?

This Persian miniature painting on a small leather scroll. It depicts a scene from an Omar Khayyam couplet, calligraphed at the top. It’s not a technically remarkable object, bought on a whim from an unknown artisan, but it’s hung in every home I’ve had as an adult and is imbued with all kinds of meaning and magic, pain and joy.

Where is home?

Berlin. Sydney. Or wherever I’m with my son.

What is the most beautiful object you own (or have owned)?

A rose, hermetically-sealed in a display box/frame, saved from my mother’s funeral. And this knockout of a secretaire.

December 2nd, 2021

We don’t have a manifesto. We don’t know precisely how to map our consonances and differences. We’d never met in-person before August 2021.

But we know we belong. We know that we’ve happened upon a collective alchemy that’s rare, delightful, and worth serving. We’ll tell stories and share experiments here.

Each of us will post an intro profile post, but for now, hello from Amir, Anton, Bryan, Catherine, Harry, Isabela, Olena, Patricia, Rick, and Zarina.