Waitlist mechanics

The Blur Waitlist will reward our early adopters with Blur Points. The waitlist is invite-only, and everyone who joins gets 5 invites to share with friends. Early access will be granted in the order of points held. You get points when you join, when you use an invite, and when someone you invite uses an invite.

Initial Points

After joining the waitlist, you will receive 5 invites and an initial number of points based on a snapshot of your year-to-date trading volume.

Invite Points

Every time you share an invite, your points will increase by ⅕ * your invite’s points. Therefore, you will receive more points for inviting a high volume trader. Use your invites wisely!

2nd Degree Invite Points

Every time someone you invite shares an invite, your points will increase by 1/25 * the 2nd degree invite’s points.


After two of your invites are redeemed, your points will be boosted by 50%. After all five invites are redeemed, your boost will increase to 100%.

Future Rewards

In addition to granting you earlier access, getting a higher number of Blur Points will entitle you to a greater reward of REDACTED in the future. Good luck anon!

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