Blur Airdrop 2


There will be multiple rounds of Blur airdrops. Airdrop 1 was for everyone who’s traded in the last 6 months. Airdrop 2 will be for all traders who actively list on Blur through November. Airdrop 2 will be much bigger than airdrop 1 so traders who are eligible will get significantly more Care Packages.

This airdrop mechanism ensures that traders who actively use Blur will be the ones who get the most tokens and control of the protocol.

How it works

In order to prevent gaming the system we are not specifying an explicit formula for Airdrop 2, but here are some tips on how to maximize your airdrop.

  • The more you list, the more you earn

  • Listing blue chips helps

  • Listing more active collections helps

  • Use all our listing tools — you can list by floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list

  • Don't try to game the system (constantly relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices, sybil attacking, or listing dead collections) — we will conduct extensive analysis to weed out traders with unnatural listing activity

  • With that said, if you just list naturally on Blur, you'll be fine.

  • Don’t forget that you can also list on other marketplaces through Blur — you have nothing to lose and many Care Packages to gain by using Blur!

P.S. Try placing at least 3 sweeps on Blur before Airdrop 2 as well :)

Incentivized royalties

Blur gives NFT owners the right to set their own royalties. However, listers who include royalties will get a larger airdrop than listers who don't. This way when governance launches, traders who honor royalties will have more weight than traders who don't. Read more about how incentivized royalties work here.


Loyalty is a snapshot of how many NFTs you’ve listed on Blur compared to other marketplaces.

Loyalty doesn’t affect how many Care Packages you get in Airdrop 2, but it does affect your luck when you reveal them.

If your loyalty stays high until the airdrop occurs then you will have much higher odds of getting super rare Care Packages which contain a lot more $BLUR tokens.

  • <50% loyalty - low luck

  • 50-90% loyalty - medium luck

  • 90-97% loyalty - high luck

  • 97%+ loyalty - very high luck

When you list on other marketplaces, as long as you list on Blur at the same price or lower, it won’t affect your loyalty score. You can use Blur’s advanced listing tools to list across all marketplaces in one go!

Here are some examples:

  • List for 0.1 on Blur and 0.05 on other marketplaces, score goes down

  • List for 0.05 on Blur and 0.1 on other marketplaces, score goes up

  • List for 0.1 on Blur and 0.1 on other marketplaces, score goes up


Like Airdrop 1, you will be able to open the Care Packages from Airdrop 2 in January when the $BLUR token launches along with protocol governance

Blur is the NFT marketplace for pro traders that will be majority owned by the community.

Start listing now for Airdrop 2 rewards!

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