Season 3 Rewards & Loyalty


Blur S3 is powered by Blast, a new L2 with native yield backed by Paradigm, Standard Crypto, and eGirl Capital. REDACTED, from Blast, will be airdropped to the Blur community at the end of S3.

Season 3 ends in May (6 months total). 50% will be distributed to Blur community members based on their Blur Points and 50% based on their Holder Points.

Blur Points

50% of Season 3 rewards will go to NFT traders via Blur Points. Just like in Season 2, you get points by bidding, listing, and lending on

Bidding and listing points are available on all collections and are emitted at the same rate, while lending points are only available on collections supported by the Blend protocol. Lending points are emitted at half the rate of bidding and listing points. There are no more 2x boosts on any collections in Season 3.

Additionally, there’s a rolling 24h leaderboard that grants different boosts up to 2.5x for the top 100 point earners in the 24h time period.

Bidding points

  • Points are rewarded to bids on collections based on the collection’s 24h volume.

  • Within a collection, the bids that take the highest “risk” earn the vast majority of points.

  • i.e. if the floor is 1.01 and there are 100 bids at 1 and you bid at 0.99, then your bid won’t earn as many points because there’s 100 eth of buy walls ahead of you, but if you bid at 1.01 you’ll earn a lot more because now you’re taking the most “risk”.

  • The longer your bid is active the more points you’ll receive. When a bid is accepted it stops earning points.

  • Certain collections are eligible to receive trait bid points. However, the majority of bidding points are distributed to collection bids.

You can reuse the ETH in your Bid Pool across collections, so the strategy that yields the most points is to bid closest to the floor across active collections. This doesn’t necessarily require a lot of ETH because you can bid on active collections that have low floors.

Points are only rewarded for active bids so there are no airdrop benefits to having your bids get accepted, other than getting a new NFT at a price below the floor.

WARNING: Some bidders will attempt to “game” the bid system by frontrunning txs that try to accept their bids. This activity is easy to detect on-chain and we will retro-actively filter those bidders from the Season 3 airdrop. Note that most of the on-chain analysis will be conducted at the end of Season 3, so spoofers may appear to be getting away with it during the season, but ultimately they will not receive an airdrop at the end of the day. Additionally, unnatural bidding activity will result in point deduction and/or being skulled. If you filter your own bids from being filled while accepting the next highest bids, you will be skulled / have points deducted. If you transfer NFTs to another address and sell or partially sell into your own bids that is considered abnormal and will also result in your address being skulled / points deducted.

Listing points

Listing points work differently than Bidding points. To prevent gaming the system, listing points are not visible, but here are some tips on how to get the most listing points.

  • The more you list, the more you earn

  • Listing blue chips helps

  • Listing more active collections helps

  • Use all our listing tools — you can list by floor price, trait floor price, and ladder list

  • List floors, mids, and rares

  • Don't try to game the system (constantly relisting NFTs at unrealistic prices, sybil attacking, or listing dead collections) — we will conduct extensive analysis to weed out traders with unnatural listing activity

  • With that said, if you just list naturally on Blur, you'll be fine.

Lending points

You can earn Lending points by making Loan Offers using ETH in your Blur Pool. This means that you can earn both Bidding points and Lending points at the same time using the same ETH in your pool.

There are two factors that determine how many points your Loan Offers receive

  • Max Borrow - this is the maximum amount of ETH someone can borrow using a single NFT. The higher the Max Borrow, the better.

  • APY - this is the interest you’ll earn on your loan offer once it’s accepted. The lower the APY, the better.

You can make multiple Loan Offers on the same collection with different Max Borrows and APYs and earn points for all of them. For example, if a collection’s floor was 10 ETH, you could make an offer with a 9 ETH Max Borrow, 50% APY, and another offer with a 5 ETH Max Borrow, 20% APY, and earn points for both offers.

You can also reuse the ETH in your Blur Pool across collections. So the strategy that yields the most Lending points is to make multiple Loan Offers at competitive Max Borrows and APYs across collections.

WARNING: You should only make loan offers at rates you’d like accepted. If you close your loan within 24 hours of it getting accepted, your wallet will lose 250 points. Loans can be closed after 24 hours without penalty.


Loyalty is the secret weapon for getting the most rewards for Blur points in Season 3. At the end of Season 3, every traders’ points will be converted into Care Packages with random rarities. Traders with 100% loyalty have the highest chances of Mythical Care Packages, which are worth 100x Uncommon Care Packages.

Here are 3 ways to maximize your Loyalty

  • You can use our advanced listing tools to list on multiple marketplaces in one go, but there’s only one way to maintain 100% loyalty and that’s by only listing on Blur.

  • Make sure you actively list NFTs in addition to maintaining your loyalty. Listing blue chips and active collections while maintaining 100% loyalty is best. The UI shows your current loyalty, but your average loyalty is what is used at the end of Season 3, so don’t just optimize your loyalty at the very end of the season.

  • Don’t try to game loyalty. Transferring to and listing from other addresses will affect your loyalty. Providing liquidity in AMMs for NFTs or fractionalized NFTs will also affect your loyalty.

Holder Points

50% of the Season 3 rewards will be distributed to $BLUR holders. You can deposit $BLUR to earn Holder Points. You earn points every hour based on how much $BLUR you deposit. You can withdraw anytime and keep your Holder Points.

Your multiplier starts at 1x, and increases by 0.5x per month once you make your first deposit. Season 2 recipients start at a 2x multiplier. If you withdraw, your multiplier will decrease proportional to the amount you've withdrawn. Note: The lowest multiplier is 1x, even if you withdraw everything.

Points based on your Holder Score (Holder Points x Multiplier) can be redeemed in May.

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