Ep.1 - Music NFT Compilations
June 20th, 2022

Welcome to this new issue of Bolero’s product updates. Today we’ll talk about how we’ve decided to enhance the collaborative experience behind Music NFTs. Traditionally, Music production and creation is already a profoundly social practice, that gathers several creative minds. But we saw that the music & web3 experience was still limited in this extent.

As NFTs reveal themselves being a revolutionary standard for Music, collaboration should be integrated within the tools that shape this growing Web3 Music environment.

On May 22nd, 2022, Bolero Music rolled out a new feature called NFT Compilations: a minting process that allows several artists to collaborate on the same body of work. A feature aiming at providing Web3 Music Artists with the best collaborative workflow to capture the collective energy of one community.

Music NFTs: a solitary journey?

Music NFTs are direct children of the 2021’s NFTs boom. This expansion was mostly led by visual NFT collections and, on its rise, this first spark inspired Music Artists and Web3 entrepreneurs to take the big step. As of May 2022, new artworks, platforms, utilities and use cases emerge every day, as the Music Industry initiates its profound mutation.

So far, the process of minting a Music artwork did follow the visual art minting process:

  1. A solitary creator crafts a piece of art
  2. Registers alone on a platform
  3. Mints an asset
  4. Promotes the collection on his own

Uncomfortable with this lonely Web3 adventure that artists had to proceed with, we had this idea that the Music NFTs minting process should be open to collaboration. What if a creator could be joined in their journey by whoever they craft and distribute their music with?

What if other creators, labels, touring companies or distributors could join forces and collaborate on the same Web3 project?

This is what “NFT Compilations” feature is meant for: a collaborative process enabling multiple artists and music professionals to mint NFTs under one banner.

What is an NFT Compilation?

Feeling lazy to read the whole episode? Here is a video recorded by our PM that will get you through:

An NFT Compilation is a bundle of Music NFTs minted by multiple artists and showcased with the same identity.

Think about it as the Web3 version of a curated playlist turned record album where music heads can collect one, or all of the tracks.

All the types of NFTs available on Bolero can be minted into a Compilation. Here are a few use cases:

  • Collectible tracks: independent labels can put together compilations to showcase their roster with a set of unique NFTs all answering to the same music vibe.
  • Master shares: like-minded artists can connect in-depth with the same fans community by minting NFTs entitling the owners with shares of the revenues generated by the masters.
  • Event tickets: artists of the same event line-up can mint independent unique collectibles, but all the NFTs of the compilation grant access to the event.

Live NFT Compilations examples

For the release of the feature, we were thrilled to witness the roll out of this first live NFT Compilation on Bolero.

Bring Back Beirut

For years now, Lebanon has been living very dark times. Beirut was shaken by the port explosion in August 2020 and since then, Lebanese citizens are suffering from a never-ending economical crisis.

As a sign of hope for the culture and for Beirut music scene, middle east Techno producers and DJs have gathered and produced exclusive tracks to support the same cause: Bring Back Beirut.

Sama’ Abdulhadi led the group of 8 artists who all auctioned the compilation at BlackPool’s Charity Auction (NFT Berlin). The compilation was sold for $2400 and major part of the profits being redistributed to Nusaned, a Humanitarian Association that provide shelter, food security, and economic opportunities to under-privileged Lebanese communities.

Special thanks to all the artists involved in this beautiful project: Sama’ Abdulhadi, Jason Kaakoush, Rise 1969, JackTheFish, Peach Puff Bass Unit, Rolbac, Sam Karam and Audioblend.

How to publish my own Music NFT Compilation?

NFT Compilations can be created by any Bolero user with a live Artist or Label page on Bolero. Here’s how it works:

  1. The Artist or Label that creates the compilation is the Curator, and can invite as many Contributors as he/she wants.
  2. Contributors will need to create their Artist account and get their profile validated on Bolero before they can access their Backstage area.
  3. Once Contributors have accepted their invitations to the Compilation, they’re able to mint their NFTs within the Compilation at the “Collection” step.
  4. The Curator is needs to add the artwork and a description before publishing it and making it available in the Explore section for all Bolero users.

Additional notes:

  • All NFTs linked to a Compilation are traded separately.
  • Pricing and quantity are set independently for every collection minted in a compilation.
  • New NFTs or collections can be added to a compilation that has been published.
  • Previously minted NFTs or collections can not be linked to a compilation.

Future of NFT Compilations

We are stoked to think about all the new use cases users will give birth to thanks to the NFT Compilations.

This feature is a small step leading Bolero Music community of artists towards much more collaboration and exciting projects. We count on this same community, maybe you, to help us push the boundaries of the current Web3 Music stack by proving as much feedback and ideas as possible.

Had you any questions or suggestions, or would you just send kudos to the team, write us at product@boleromusic.com or contact the team members who worked on this feature individually through the provided social channels below:

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