BonqDAO official channels and identities
Nenad │BonqDAO
Bonq DAO
Michal Bacia
Delia Sabau
December 20th, 2022

As the world continues to become more digital, so do the opportunities to steal personal/sensitive information.

This document is a single source of truth about BonqDAO, its official social channels, and its team members.

Any account not listed in this document is not endorsed by BonqDAO, can be a potential scammer, and should be reported!

Last update: Feb 15, 2023

Official Bonq DAO accounts

Official Bonq DAO accounts

Official Bonq DAO contract addresses:

BNQ Utility token

Official Bonq DAO team members:

Delia Sabau, CEO

Michal Bacia, Chief Economist

Nenad Dukelic, Community Happiness Specialist

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