BonusBlock Secures $2.3 Million solve Web3 industry's largest need: on-chain quality users

We're more than excited to announce that BonusBlock, the first on-chain marketplace and white-label solution provider, has raised $2.3 million from investors Laser Digital (Nomura Group),  iAngels, Cogitent Ventures, NewTribe Capital, Faculty Group, Kyros, ZBS Capital, Rarestone, LVT Capital and many more, including known Co-Founder Georgios Vlachos from Axelar, Sung from Beoble, Key-Opinion Leaders IvanOnTech, AshCrypto, BrianDEvans, Icedknife, StackerSatoshi, Coachkcrypto and many more!

Web3 is still facing major challenges in quality user acquisition where quest platforms are dominated by bots.

BonusBlock is swiftly becoming the go-to platform for users seeking recognition for their genuine quality, offering a fair edge over gamified and mercenary bot activities. It enables projects to more reliably and easily onboard verified users of provable quality by AI analysis, through both marketplace and white-label solutions, fostering a more trustworthy environment. The use of AI scales and gives trust to transparent and clear quality level scoring based on smart contract and transactional level interactions.

Traction and achievements:

  1. More than 4M+ users interacted across all protocols

  2. Contribution to more than 10M+ on-chain transactions

  3. Most anticipated Bybit Web3 IDO Launchpad project: over 104k ( )

  4. ApeTerminal IDO with Total Assets Connected $322M

  5. EclipseFi First IDO Project: under 23 seconds filled

  6. SpartaDEX IDO

  7. More than 30+ projects working with us, incl. Injective, Xion by Burnt

  8. First unique on-chain Marketplace for quality users

  9. Onboarded high-value KOLs

BonusBlock on-chain marketplace is going live in early April.

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